They Came, They Saw and They (Almost) Conquered

They are all foreign born. They all possess fake Kenya IDs. However, that has not prevented them from occupying important positions in Kenya. Victory goes to those who are daring enough.

Farouk Kibet, Hassan Ali Joho, Ledama Olekina, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Nelson Havi, Mohammed Ali (Moha JichoPevu), Anwar Loitiptip and Ann Mwangi Mvurya are very bold people.

Rahamim Caveda, Yehiel Melaku, Berhanu Sabahat, Solomon Sidisto, Neggousa Bogale, Pnina Salmasa, Desta Pakada, Yehuda Yacob

1. Top Aide to Deputy President of Kenya

Rahamim Caveda akaFarouk Kibet” is a top aide to the Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto.

2. Mombasa Governor

Neggousa Bogale aka Hassan Ali Joho.

3. Narok Senator

Solomon Sidisto aka Ledama Olekina.

4. Former Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya, LSK

Berhanu Sabahat aka Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

5. Current Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya, LSK

Yehiel Melaku aka Nelson Havi.

6. Nyali MP

Yehuda Yacob aka Mohammed Ali (Moha JichoPevu).

7. Lamu Senator

Desta Pakada aka Anwar Loitiptip.

8. President University of Nairobi Students’ Union (UNSA)

Pnina Salmasa aka Ann Mwangi Mvurya.

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