Why Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians Need More Security

There has been many instances where patriotic politicians in Mt Kenya region have been heckled and bullied by paid hooligans.

This should NOT be mistaken as just a consequence of local political rivalries. These cases of bullying of patriotic MPs/Senators/MCAs is part of a scheme to conquer Kenya.

Certain powerful foreign actors have been trying to conquer and colonise Kenya for many years, without success. Finally, they have concluded that the most effective strategy to conquer the country, would be by first conquering Mt Kenya region.

Heckling/Bullying of Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians

This has been made to look like an unplanned phenomenon, that locals dislike patriotic Mt Kenya politicians. How is that possible?

Obviously, all these cases of heckling/bullying of Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians is done by paid hooligans, mostly imported from Nairobi slums.

Local TangaTanga politicians do the dirty work of organising chaos during Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians’ meetings, with the logistics done in cahoots with foreign spies operating under the radar in Kenya.

Faith Gitau

BBI – Going Forward

Several months ago, a Patriotic Mt Kenya Politician was heckled in a church in Nyandarua County by hooligans led by Nyandarua Woman Representative Faith Gitau.

It has been proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Ms Gitau is a FOREIGN-born spy, who first appeared in Kenya when she was already an adult. Therefore, the foreign country where Ms Gitau comes from, is behind the heckling of Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians.

Unfortunately, when Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians are heckled or bullied, they believe that local people hate them/hate their politics, and therefore take a low profile, thus ensuring that Mt Kenya region appears to be a TangaTanga zone.

However, if this situation is allowed to go on, then Kenya nation would collapse. How can a nation survive without patriotic leaders?

A Special Security Team (SST) made of NIS and DCI officers should be formed, to deal specifically with the matter of bullying of Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians.


1. If Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians are promoting BBI Report or some other important issue in the region, and they are heckled, then cameras would record the heckling. The SST would be able to identify the hecklers, and investigate who paid them to heckle.

Follow the money.

By following the money trails of hooligans paid to heckle/bully Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians, the underground criminal network operating in the region would be identified.

SST would therefore be in a position to completely DISMANTLE the criminal PARALLEL GOVERNMENT operating in Mt Kenya region.

2. Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians might also be subject of online blackmail or attempted online blackmail.

If that happens, the politician must share that information – regardless of how embarrassing they believe it is – with the SST.

This is because, regardless of how good the officers at SST are, they need material to work with. They cannot operate in a vacuum and be expected to produce results.

Therefore, by Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians sharing details about online intimidation with SST, the sleuths would be in a better position not only to protect them, but to also find out who the online terrorists are working with, on the ground.

“Empowering” Mt Kenya Youth

DP William Ruto – an unknowing stooge of anti-African neocolonialists – has been camping in Mt Kenya region to “empower” the local youth through handouts.

Isn’t it odd that a politician who comes from the Rift Valley region – where most people are poor – would camp in Mt Kenya region splashing money around, to “eliminate youth poverty”?

The plan, devised by the anti-African neocolonialists, and implemented by TangaTanga, is to completely destroy Mt Kenya youth.

Suppose there are 10 motorcycles (nduthi) & motorcycle riders at a certain town in Mt Kenya region. Suppose also, that, each motorcycle/rider makes sh 1,000 (profit) a day.

TangaTanga moneybags comes along to “empower” that local nduthi Sacco. They buy them an additional 90 motorcycles.

Now, that Sacco has 100 motorcycles with 100 riders.

On average each motorcycle/rider now makes sh100 (profit) a day. How is that progress?

In fact, eventually motorcycle/nduthi gangs will emerge, because all youth have been directed to an industry that cannot sustain all of them.

There are already many cases of reported motorcycle gangs in Mt Kenya, as a result of this sabotage by anti-African neocolonialists and their local TangaTanga surrogates.

The only way to make sure this economic and social sabotage of Kenya does not succeed, is to support and protect Patriotic Politicians who are willing and ready to engage positively with Wananchi at the grassroots.

NOTE: Although the Special Security Team (SST) would be formed because of the choreographed heckling and bullying of Patriotic Mt Kenya Politicians, obviously, it would work with all Patriotic Politicians in Kenya.

It is only that, it is a fact, that it is in Mt Kenya where the local stooges of anti-African neocolonialists – The TangaTanga – have concentrated their attack on Patriotic Politicians.

NB: Get PDF of this article HERE.

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