How They Used PSYOPS on Senator Kang’ata

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata should not be blamed for the “leaked letter”. He is just a victim of a First-Class PSYOPS. Most other people, when subjected to the same PSYOPS, would have done what Senator Kang’ata did.

What is this PSYOPS? How does it work? Who is behind it? How do you know about it?

I will start with, How do you know about it? Answer: Because THEY subjected me to similar PSYOPS in 2019.

Recall the Punguza Mizigo euphoria in 2019? Yes, it was just that – Hot air euphoria. THEY employed PSYOPS to try and convince me that, apart from myself and a handful of other Kenyans, everyone else supported Punguza Mizigo Bill.

They did not succeed in convincing me about the supposed popularity of that Bill. However, they made me realize how they execute PSYOPS, and make someone to believe lies are facts.

I will use an analogy: You are a politician – MP, Senator etc. Or you are just someone THEY feel they need to make believe a certain lie is indeed true.

Suppose that, to know the opinion of the people “on the ground”, you have a trusted friend/relative/supporter who is a matatu driver. Let us call this matatu driver, Kama.

THEY will have their people board Kama’s matatu. Someone starts a debate about BBI. Something like, “Joe, what are people saying about BBI in your village?”

Joe replies: “Nobody even wants to hear that word BBI…”

Similar replies from other “random” passengers.

What do you think driver Kama will conclude? He believes these are just random passengers. If such tricks are repeated several times in his matatu, he will be convinced that only people in his village support BBI…In other villages everyone is against BBI…

When the politician – who knows Kama cannot lie to him, since he is a trusted friend/relative/supporter – asks Kama about what people “on the ground” are saying about BBI, what answer do you think he will get?

He will be told: The ground is very hostile to BBI.

This is how THEY plot their PSYOPS. And because THEY have infinite resources, they can plant as many people to spread their PSYOPS as THEY want.

I have explained about them and their tactics here and here.

How They Used PSYOPS on Senator Irungu Kang’ata

I believe that is what happened to Senator Kangata. THEY fed PSYOPS to people he trusts. In turn, these people, very innocently, passed the PSYOPS team’s opinion to Kang’ata – as the opinion of people on the ground.

His close supporters believe the opinion fed to them by the PSYOPS team, is the true opinion of people “on the ground”. They, in turn, tell Kang’ata that is the opinion of people on the ground.

Kang’ata knows they cannot lie to him – and indeed they are not lying to him. It is only that, that opinion “on the ground”, actually represents the opinion of the PSYOPS team on the ground.

Unless someone knows that there are powerful non-African actors who are actively engaging in these PSYOPS in Kenya, there is no way you would suspect the information you are receiving is MANIPULATED information.

How Do You Counter These PSYOPS Tricks?

1. Have a certain degree of independence of thought.

Recall how supposedly popular the Punguza Mizigo Bill was in 2019? However, if you looked at the matter critically, it was basically a Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill, apparently prepared by 1 person – a person who couldn’t even manage to become an elected MP.

How logical is it, that one UNELECTED person can purport to make a constitution for 50 million Kenyans?

If you have a degree of independence of thought, then there is no way you would believe that the Bill was genuine – regardless of what anyone else said about it.

If you have such strong beliefs, then PSYOPS won’t be effective on you. Because, if it is the person you trust the most in the world telling you about how popular the Bill is, you will still not believe it is genuine popularity.

2. Be FIRM in your sense of Right and Wrong.

Example: If you believe theft is wrong, and someone you trust tells you that Mr X should be elected, because even though he is a convicted thief, he had to steal because his “corrupt” opponent has too much campaign money…

If you strongly believe theft is wrong, then you wouldn’t agree with the trusted friend/relative/aide, because there are others who are not convicted thieves, who can also be elected.

ie. Draw line in the sand regarding certain issues.

These 2 strategies increase your chances of not falling for PSYOPS tricks.

NB: Get PDF of this post HERE.

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