Solving the Puzzle of the First IMPOSTOR Outed in Kenya

The very first IMPOSTOR who was outed right here is not a politician. She is not even a prominent person. She lives an apparent mundane life in a certain Mt Kenya region town, disguised as just another Kikuyu lady.

She goes by the name Wanja.

What puzzled me about this lady is that, even after being outed, she didn’t appear bothered at all. In fact, she still lives in the same Mt Kenya town, the one she lived in before she was outed as a foreigner and as a foreign spy.

How is that possible?

Recent events, where it has been discovered that there are prominent “Kenyans” like Senators, MPs, MCAs who are foreign-born IMPOSTORS, has helped me understand this “Wanja” puzzle.

This is what I believe has happened:

If you receive a report that someone is a foreigner masquerading as a Kenyan, how would you go about proving whether the person is indeed an IMPOSTOR?

You would probably start by checking their fingerprints, whether they register a hit at the Department of Registration of Persons (DRP).

However, if an IMPOSTOR actually presented himself/herself to the registration clerks and obtained a genuine Kenyan ID using FAKE birth certificate and other fake documents, then their fingerprints would register a hit at DRP.

Generally, that is taken as proof someone is Kenyan. Therefore, this “Wanja” knows her Kenyan ID would “prove” she is a Kenyan.

If investigators are still not satisfied that she is Kenyan even after confirming she holds a Kenyan ID, they might decide to trace her relatives.

Assume that “Wanja” is related to, or claims to be related to, a Senator/MP/MCA, and the Senator/MP/MCA confirms that they are indeed relatives, would you investigate any further?

Maybe “Wanja” claims she is related to Faith Gitau, Rahab Mukami, or some other IMPOSTOR politician or prominent IMPOSTOR person who has not yet been outed. Obviously, all these IMPOSTORS cover for each other in such situations.

It is part of their job description.


Therefore, “Wanja” knows there is no way authorities in Kenya can confirm she is an IMPOSTOR – unless they perform a modern DNA test on her. And she and her foreign bosses know that Kenya does not have facilities that perform such high-tech DNA analysis.

That is also the reason that the other outed IMPOSTORS like Ledama Ole Kina, Isaac Mwaura etc. do not seem bothered. They know Kenya does not have the resources to confirm that they are FAKE Kenyans.

The problem is that, these IMPOSTORS and their foreign bosses are responsible for 99% of all Kenya problems.

Therefore, unless this matter is resolved, Kenya will NEVER develop.

GoK needs to ask for help from the United Nations. That way, a friendly advanced country may offer to test these IMPOSTORS’ DNA, so they can be charged in court, and if found guilty of being in Kenya illegally, they should be deported.

NOTE: It is estimated that there are between 1,000 – 5,000 IMPOSTORS sent to Kenya by a certain 1st world country as part of their plot to conquer and colonise Kenya.

Once formally confirmed that the already outed IMPOSTORS are indeed non-Kenyans, then a major security operation should commence, to out the remaining 1,000 – 5,000 IMPOSTORS spread around the country, who are quietly SABOTAGING Kenya.

NB: Get PDF of this post HERE.

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