Why DP Ruto, “Civil Society” are Terrified of BBI Referendum

If a visitor to Kenya followed debate on the BBI, he would think that the Referendum will only have one choice – YES. This is because there are many people complaining about BBI, even going to the extent of pleading that referendum shouldn’t be held, or certain changes need to be made, yet, they never say “I will vote NO if the referendum is held”.

Most followers of Deputy President William Ruto, and also members of the “Civil Society”, insist that BBI is extremely unpopular “in the grassroots”.

Politicians like to be on the winning side. Almost every politician is an opportunist. If they believe that BBI is unpopular, why are they fearing the referendum?

If a politician believes BBI is unpopular, then he would want to lead the NO side during referendum. Imagine leading the NO side, and then humiliate the Government/YES side, by NO getting 60% of the vote?

Such a politician would ride that wave to presidency in the next general elections.

So, why are they fearing the referendum? Because they know their claims about BBI being unpopular in the grassroots is just hot air.

Kenya Civil Society and BBI

Mt Kenya

I believe that the Mt Kenya politicians who claim BBI is unpopular in the region, actually believe that claim to be true. They must be puzzled why their leader – Ruto – has adamantly refused to lead the NO side.

Does Ruto know something the Mt Kenya HustlerNation do not know?

This is what is going on:

The foreign power behind TangaTanga (which happens also to be the main sponsor of Kenya “Civil Society”), know that what they have done in Mt Kenya region is to create ILLUSION that BBI is unpopular in the region.

They know that Illusion/Shadows don’t vote.

They know that, since they have convinced Mt Kenya people that 90% of them are opposed to BBI, when the referendum is held, and 90% vote YES, then local people will know there is “something BIG going on in Kenya”.

They may not talk about IMPOSTORS, PSYOPS etc. but they will be talking about “mysterious people spreading lies in the region”.

That would be a disaster for the foreign power behind HustlerNation SCAM. They know that, if ordinary Kenyan citizens start talking like that, then it will be only a matter of time before they discover about the Criminal Parallel Government that has been operating in Kenya for decades.

That is why THEY will sponsor some group to take the issue of BBI signatures to court next week. Because they are desperate to make sure BBI referendum never happens.

NB: Get PDF of this post HERE.

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