Meet the Real DP William Ruto

MPs and other Mt Kenya politicians who insist they do not have a problem with President Uhuru Kenyatta, that their differences with Uhuru is because of Raila Odinga, or because they suspect Uhuru is not willing to support DP William Ruto for presidency in 2022, are either naive, or outright liars.

During the weekend of December 8 – 9, 2019, DP Ruto attended events in at least 5 counties, including:

1. The African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA), Mukaro Diocese, Giakanja, Nyeri County.

2. Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Cathedral of St Peter’s Mbeere, Siakago, Embu County.

3. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Mukuyuni, Makueni County.

4. Ndagani Catholic Parish, Chuka, Tharaka-Nithi County.

5. Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA), Kipipiri, Nyandarua County.

Every politically enlightened Kenyan knows what these events represent. They could be termed prayer-worship, fundraising or whatever. But we know they are also campaign events, and have been going on for almost 2 years now. (NB: This article was written on Dec 09, 2019. See links below)

In fact, I don’t think any other Kenyan has ever spent so much time airborne, on Kenyan airspace, as DP Ruto has (apart from pilots & air hostesses).

William Ruto

This is what I believe is going on:

A little digression: Once upon a time, I worked for 3 months as a clerk in a government office. One day, I accompanied my boss as he went to buy some equipment in town. That was when I learnt why corruption is so prevalent in Kenya.

The business itself encouraged corruption, probably so that one can become a frequent customer. They did not exactly tell the buyer to be corrupt, what they did is the following:

The machine is displayed as selling at KES 120K. You get an invoice of KES 120K (This is crucial and is needed by auditors etc.). But when you go to pay, carrying that invoice written 120K, they inform you that item has a discount, you only pay KES 80K, but no document is issued showing you paid 80K instead of 12OK.

So you have a receipt “proving” you bought the item at KES 120K, though you actually only paid 80K.

You have 40K in your pocket, and nobody will ever know about it unless you tell them. There was no doubt on my mind that is why my boss went to that particular business to buy the item.
Digression End.

Based on the news about looting at the National Treasury, and the unusual politics going on in Kenya, I suspect this is what has been happening since 2013:

Treasury bosses go abroad, they borrow say, KES 10 Billion, but they have documents showing they borrowed 5 Billion, and pocket the remaining 5 Billion, which they kick up to DP Ruto.

(Kenya will be repaying the 10B loan, but only the CS, PS & DP will know about it. No wonder the new Treasury CS & PS have discovered that Henry Rotich & Kamau Thugge have been cooking the books for years, and Kenya’s debt is much higher than Treasury used to declare in the past. The difference in figures MUST be what Rotich, Thugge & DP William Ruto pocketed)

I also suspect that neither the treasury bosses, nor Ruto, initiated these corrupt deals – It is foreigners, who acting like in the business above, gave them the option to steal from Kenyans, and they gladly took it.

The foreigners are/work for the GLOBAL MAFIA (Go to or to find out who they are).

Why would the GLOBAL MAFIA do the above? It is very complicated, but I will summarise the reasons as:

1. They use corruption ruse to identify whether you are a person they can trust. If you are corrupt, then they know they can trust you (because they have material to blackmail you with if you ever step out of line).

They therefore realized they can trust National Treasury CS Henry Rotich, PS Kamau Thugge and DP William Ruto.

NOTE: It is impossible that the treasury looting (that was happening with collusion of big banks based in the WEST) can be carried out without the GLOBAL MAFIA collusion. IMPOSSIBLE. They know X Billion was loaned to Kenya govt & deposited in bank ‘A’ in Europe, part of the X Billion was then wired to bank ‘B’ in another European country & finally wired to bank ‘C’ in Caymans or wherever.

The GLOBAL MAFIA also know that the account in bank ‘C’ belongs to company 1, that is a front for Kenyans Q1, Q2…Repeat for Y Billion loan…

2. Once the GLOBAL MAFIA realized they can trust DP Ruto, they started working towards making him Kenya president asap (Recall how Ruto approached Raila (before Uhuru-Raila handshake), urging him (Raila) to back him so they can kick Uhuru out of government?).

After the 2017 elections, before Uhuru – Raila handshake, Ruto wanted Raila to help him impeach Uhuru.

Back to before 2017 elections: The GLOBAL MAFIA, through the “Kenyan” websites, “Kenyan” media and social media that they control, and Ruto using the enormous wealth he had acquired from the treasury looting, managed to popularise anti-Uhuru, pro-Ruto politicians in Mt Kenya region.

Jubilee Nominations in Mt Kenya

Consequently, the conspiracy (plus rigging in some areas) managed to have between 30-70% of all Jubilee nominations in Mt Kenya go to anti-Uhuru, pro-Ruto politicians. Clinching a Jubilee nomination in Mt Kenya was like getting a direct ticket to parliament, senate, county.

Anti-Uhuru, pro-Ruto Mt Kenya MPs are estimated to be anywhere between 30-70% of all Mt Kenya MPs.

The only reason Ruto has not yet attempted an actual impeachment proceeding against President Uhuru is because he does not have the numbers, courtesy of HANDSHAKE between Uhuru & Raila, Uhuru & Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru & Musalia Mudavadi, and also there are senior politicians like Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and others who have no problem working with Uhuru in the national interest.

There are also some MPs from smaller parties that are pro-Uhuru.

Therefore, pro-Uhuru MPs are the majority in parliament, courtesy of support from Opposition MPs.

Indeed, the de facto Opposition in Kenya is made up of MPs allied to DP Ruto. It is pro-Ruto MPs who frequently criticise government policies, and threaten senior government officers with impeachment. Coincidentally, pro-Ruto MPs are also sympathetic to politicians and senior government officials charged with corruption.

Uhuru – Raila, Kalonzo, Musalia, Mutua, Wetangula, Ngilu Handshake: Things Fall Apart for DP Ruto

In early 2018, Uhuru must have realized that many Mt Kenya MPs were not loyal to him, they were loyal to his deputy. He must also have realized that DP Ruto had filled ALL parliamentary/senate positions – like Chief Whips, majority leaders, committee chairmen – with people who were loyal to him, and only him – Ruto.

On top of that, Uhuru must have been told by Raila about Ruto’s plan to have him impeached. Motivated by the desire to save Kenya, Uhuru and Raila agreed to work together.

After probably finding from intelligence sources that it was corruption money that was being used to sabotage the government, Uhuru must have decided to go full throttle on anticorruption drive. Hence the biggest anticorruption war in Kenya’s history.

I believe that Kenyan investigators already know who received what from the National Treasury heist. Ruto also knows that local investigators know how much he received from the loot (20B? 50? 100B?).

DP Ruto has calculated that there are only 2 ways he can escape the corruption purge;

1. Have enough MPs & Senators to launch a successful impeachment of Uhuru. This is near impossible because of Uhuru’s handshake with Opposition leaders.

2. (And this seems to be what Ruto is REALLY banking on) Campaign ceaselessly, spend as much money as necessary in Mt Kenya, and have more support in Central Kenya than Uhuru. In Ruto’s calculation, if people of Mt Kenya love him enough, then they would rebel against Uhuru’s government if the latter attempted to charge him with corruption.

This is because his base in the Rift Valley is not enough to protect him from being charged with corruption.

This must be the reason that, although The GLOBAL MAFIA, through “Kenyan” websites, “Kenyan” media and social media have managed TO LOCK Mt Kenya so that it looks like its Ruto’s homeground, his allied Mt Kenya politicians have also been busy paying peasants to ensure that no non pro-Ruto politician is free to address meetings in the region.

This is so that they – pro-Ruto politicians in Mt Kenya – can keep campaigning and increasing the number of residents who are anti-Uhuru, while the pro-Uhuru side has no chance to recruit them back.


Kenyan websites

Whenever I read “Kenyan” websites and also social media posts regarding what is going on in Kenya politics currently, I merely confirm that if one controls all means of communication of a people, you can make them believe anything.

The propaganda being spread in Kenya through “Kenyan” websites, social media, media is unbelievable. And as far as I can tell, many people believe it.

Unfortunately, most Kenyans do not know that there are Kenyans who are shadow banned, so most Kenyans do not know about their websites, social media handles, and any other media they run.

Who is capable of shadow banning peoples’ websites, social media handles, and other media they run? Only the GLOBAL MAFIA.

Why would the GLOBAL MAFIA obstruct Kenyans from reading articles about Kenya written by certain Kenyans? Logically, the only reason this happens is because the GLOBAL MAFIA knows these shadow banned Kenyans EXPOSE the GLOBAL MAFIA’s activities in Kenya.

No other explanation.

Obsequiousness Towards Ruto by Some Mt Kenya politicians

The obsequiousness exhibited towards Deputy President William Ruto by some Mt Kenya politicians can be compared to that shown by kids towards Baba wa mîgate. The reason for the obsequiousness is also similar.

I recall reading in the newspaper about one pro-Ruto (anti-Uhuru) Mt Kenya senator saying that, unlike President Uhuru Kenyatta, when you go to DP Ruto with a problem, you will leave his office with that problem sorted.

Now, in the Kenyan context, DP Ruto solving a politician’s problem means the following:
– There was a licence the politician (or a relative or associate) was denied because they don’t qualify, and Ruto authorised the issuing authority to issue him with one regardless.
– There was a popular politician in the Ruto-Sycophant’s constituency, and the Sycophant was worried that he might lose the Jubilee nomination. Ruto assured him that he is the final authority who decides who gets nominated, and he will sort the Sycophant in that regard.
– The politician has run out of cash…DP Ruto sorts him financially…

In other words, DP Ruto being able to sort out the politicians is through corruption. And creating short-cuts for the politicians (also corruption).

Although some Kenyans claim all “BIG” Kenyans are corrupt, DP Ruto’s case is unique in that he spends more money per year in harambees, funding MPs, Senators, MCAs…more than any other politician in Kenya’s history.

This is despite the fact that, only 10 years ago, he was not among the 100 wealthiest Kenyans.

DP Ruto’s corruption is so blatant that, his supporters admit openly that he is corrupt, but add that “there are other Kenyan politicians more corrupt than Ruto”. No other Kenyan senior politician is described by his supporters as corrupt.

The only reason that Kenyans have not gone to the streets demanding Ruto be charged with corruption is because, The GLOBAL MAFIA, through “Kenyan” websites, “Kenyan” media and social media, control at least 99% of information flow in Kenya, and they support Ruto 100%.

The GLOBAL MAFIA have used their “Kenyan” websites, “Kenyan” media and social media to direct Kenyans’ anger towards corruption in the country, to other people, and away from Ruto.

With the GLOBAL MAFIA making sure DP Ruto’s corruption is never leaked to the press or social media, the DP has engaged in the biggest theft of public funds in Kenya history. The theft has been so huge that it has affected Kenyan economy, until ordinary mwananchi have started complaining.

The GLOBAL MAFIA, through their “Kenyan” websites, “Kenyan” media and social media, have cunningly redirected mwananchi’s anger towards the president, and away from DP Ruto.

DP William Ruto’s corruption is comparable to that of Nigeria’s Sani Abacha and Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko. But even Abacha and Mobutu would have been shocked by DP Ruto’s corruption, because:

1. They were both stealing when they were president. If their DP stole even 10% of what they stole, they would have him executed.
2. They were stealing the money earned from exported minerals, which they redirected to their foreign bank accounts. In Ruto’s case, he has stolen directly from Kenyan taxpayers, with indicted former Treasury CS & PS sending Kenyan taxpayers’ money to DP Ruto’s foreign accounts (as explained above).

Twitter & Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have been shadow banning tweets and posts that are unflattering to Deputy President William Ruto. Yet there are Verified Twitter accounts, complete with a blue check mark, and high profile Facebook accounts, that abuse President Uhuru Kenyatta daily, without suffering any sanctions whatsoever.

Is this not interference in internal affairs of Kenya by the Social Media Companies?


The GLOBAL MAFIA like African leaders who are totally clueless about what REALLY goes on in the world. This is because such presidents will only be FIGUREHEADS, as the GLOBAL MAFIA loots and destroys the African country where the clueless leader is called President.

That is why the GLOBAL MAFIA loved Mobutu Sese Seko so much, and hated, and still hate Jomo Kenyatta.

In Kenya, the GLOBAL MAFIA want Ruto to become president because they know he is TOTALLY CLUELESS. Example:

1. Farouk Kibet – Ruto’s top aide – is a FOREIGN agent (actually, a foreign-born, non-Kenyan IMPOSTOR).

2. One of Ruto’s farm managers is a foreign spy.

3. One of Ruto’s pilots is a foreign spy.

Imagine if Ruto became president. Kenya would become basket case within 5 years. Within 10 years, Kenya would be no more.

Mkapa on Ruto

In his book, “My life, My purpose: A Tanzanian president Remembers”, former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa states: “William Ruto is a POWER HUNGRY, TRIBAL, CORRUPT, UNTRUSTWORTHY and a DANGEROUS WARLORD, who gave absurd conditions that threatened peace, businesses and lives of the Kikuyu, Kamba and Kisii communities and escalated violence in 2007/2008 Post Election Violence.”

NB: Get PDF of this post HERE.

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