MOSSAD Might Have Embedded an IMPOSTOR into My Family 20 Years Ago

There is around 95% probability that MOSSAD embedded a foreign-born SPY-IMPOSTOR into my own family, about 20 years ago.

I am 100% certain that my immediate family was not the reason MOSSAD embedded their IMPOSTOR into a blood relative, who I will call Relative-X (Not my parents/siblings).

Mine is not a prominent family. No family member is a politician, either.

But after learning about the fact that MOSSAD sent around 5,000 of their citizens to Kenya, and the reason; And also, after discovering how MOSSAD managed to do that without raising any suspicion, I believe I know why MOSSAD would target a certain family member – Relative-X’s daughter – to embed their SPY-IMPOSTOR into.

Naturally, Relative-X’s daughter is also my blood relative. I will call her Carol (not her real name).

If indeed MOSSAD embedded their IMPOSTOR into my relative – something that I believe is very, very likely – then it means that, by pure coincidence, I met an IMPOSTOR in Kenya several times, and then when I went abroad, my path and MOSSAD’s crossed again, coincidentally.

Very, very strange coincidences.

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This also means that, like millions of other Kenyans, I inter-acted with a foreign-born IMPOSTOR several times, and did not suspect that he could be an IMPOSTOR.

MOSSAD is truly on top of this spying “game”.

The IMPOSTOR “Relative”

No, Relative-X is not a prominent person. He is exactly the opposite.

I come from central Kenya region – rural Mt Kenya village. Relative-X lives in another village, in the same county.

Like many other rural villages, most villagers in Relative-X’s village are not rich, but they afford their basic needs.

In this village where residents are not rich, it just happens that Relative-X was the poorest.

There is poverty. Then there is extreme poverty.

Relative-X’s poverty was extreme. It was also self-inflicted.

This meant that he didn’t have time to think about issues like educating his kids. None of his kids completed primary school.

Carol never went beyond Standard 3. She is technically illiterate.

Due to living in extreme poverty, and other factors, I believe it is very likely that Carol had never travelled more than 20 Kilometres from her village, before she got married.

Almost 20 years ago, Carol was married by a person I will call Jack (not his real name) – the guy I suspect could be a foreign-born MOSSAD IMPOSTOR.

I don’t know how Carol and Jack met.

All I know is this: After they married, they came to live in my village.

I know for a fact that Jack did not have any relatives in our village. He was not employed in my village. He did not own property in our village.

That doesn’t mean anything. However, just read on.

Jack somehow became close to my immediate family. He would visit often. He really liked/likes playing this I-am-married-to-your-relative card.

Nothing odd, since he is a “relative”.

I lived far from our village. Whenever I visited home, I would see Jack, since he visited very often, just to “say hello”.

Nothing odd.

I assumed that, since Jack visited our home very often, his wife Carol also visited often.

I was quite surprised when I asked, and was told Carol had never visited our home. Not even once.

This was about 4 years since they had moved to our village.

NOTE: Her family and my family had/has no differences.

I was told that Carol was not outgoing at all, and was very uncomfortable around other people.

Considering that Jack and Carol lived/lives only 1 Kilometre from our home, it is quite strange that she could live so close, and not visit even once.

This also meant that my family members did not visit Jack and Carol’s home, though Jack came to our home almost daily.

I believe Jack never suggested even once to any of my family members to visit Carol.

I did not think about this matter at the time, but now I am wondering, especially because of other Jack peculiarities.

When bodabodas became popular around the country, Jack somehow acquired one.

Therefore, his job was/is carrying passengers/goods.

As happens in many villages/towns across Kenya, if you want bodaboda service, you call someone you know.

If a member of my family wanted to deliver some goods to the market, or have something brought home from the market, or if someone wanted to be transported somewhere, they would call jack.

This meant that now Jack became even more present at our home.

Anyone new in the village “knows” Jack is our relative.

Reality, however is that, none of my family members has ever met any of Jack’s relatives.

What they know about Jack is only what he has told them.

I don’t know where Jack says he comes from.

Yet, if Jack were to contest for a political seat, my own family members would campaign for him, and vote for him.

Nobody would think that he could be an IMPOSTOR.

In my opinion, if indeed Jack is an IMPOSTOR, then the real reason for him visiting our home so frequently was that, if some other visitor was present, the visitor would become “acquainted” with him.

Villagers visit each other all the time.

Within 1 year, he would probably have made hundreds of “acquaintances” through my family members.

Currently, Jack is known as a trustworthy local man.

If indeed he is an IMPOSTOR, then he is in a position to introduce other IMPOSTORS to the “acquaintances” he has made through my family members…

Jack and I were not close. We had never sat down to discuss anything. I didn’t even have his mobile number.

Phone Calls

One day, I received a call on my mobile. I was working and living far from our rural home. But still in Kenya.

The person on the other end addressed me in a familiar manner, and called me the name that is used only by my family members.

I didn’t recognise the voice, and asked who it was.

Jack enthusiastically told me it was him.

I was surprised, because I didn’t even expect him to have my number.

I assumed there must be something regarding my family that he wanted to tell me about.

But he said he only called to say hello. Apparently, he expected us to have small talk, but what were we to talk about?

The conversation was quite awkward.

Several days later, he called, to “say hello”. Similar awkward conversation.

He was getting annoying.

About a week later, Jack called me again. Just to “say hello”. Similar awkward conversation.

By now, Jack had become a nuisance.

I changed my mobile number.

About a month later, Jack called me on the new number. Apparently, he had acquired my number from one of my relatives.

Just to “say hello”. Another awkward conversation.

About 2 weeks later, he called me again. Same case.

I changed my number again.

This time, I decided that, if he called me again, I will simply cut off the call.

He called later, I cut him off mid-sentence.

I did this twice. Finally, he stopped calling me.

What is more strange about this guy is this: About 1 year after I had decided never to pick Jack’s calls, a close family member told me that he thought Jack was a very strange character.

NOTE: I had not told this relative, or anyone else about Jack calling me.

The relative told me that Jack had visited his home – that is around 100 KM from our village.

The relative was very surprised to see Jack, because he didn’t expect him to know the exact location of his home.

Also, Jack had arrived riding his motorbike, and told my relative he had ridden all the way from our village.

Reason for the visit? Just to “say hello”.

My relative thought that was extremely strange.

About a week after Jack had apparently ridden his motorbike 100 KM to “say hello” to my relative, he called my relative.

This time, Jack wanted him and my relative to engage in some “joint venture” at my relative’s home area.

My relative used excuses to refuse completely to have any joint business with Jack.

If indeed Jack is a MOSSAD IMPOSTOR, as seems very likely, then his plans to become very close to my family members who lived away from the village, was to use his “relationship” with us to build new “acquaintances” where we lived.

That way, he would have used these new “acquaintances” to embed other IMPOSTORS around places where we lived, without raising any suspicion.

There were many other very odd things Jack did, that at the time I just dismissed as him being just a very strange person.

But now, after knowing about MOSSAD IMPOSTORS, these Jack behaviours can be explained perfectly, if he is an IMPOSTOR.

Explaining Jack’s Strange Behaviour – if he is an IMPOSTOR

1. About marrying my relative Carol – who doesn’t seem to have anything in common with Jack.

First things first: Mossad have around 5,000 IMPOSTORS in Kenya, most of them in Central Kenya region.

Assuming 3,000 IMPOSTORS in Mt Kenya region, this rounds off to about 300 per county.

If they distribute 1 IMPOSTOR per village, those are 300 villages per county, each with 1 IMPOSTOR.

Naturally, they would want to plant these IMPOSTORS in a manner that they are evenly-distributed throughout the county.

Therefore, statistically, the probability of having an IMPOSTOR sent to our village, or my Relative-X’s village was quite high.

But, why did they choose my relative Carol to become Jack’s wife?

I think the MOSSAD strategy was/is for their IMPOSTORS to marry daughters of the poorest villagers.

Relative-X, being the poorest in his village, and having a daughter of marriageable age, was just perfect for MOSSAD.

MOTIVE: When you marry a daughter of someone who is extremely poor, to that family, that is one mouth less to feed.

They will not ask you questions like, “what do you do for a living”, “when are your people coming to visit” etc.

Perfect strategy.

2. It is extremely unlikely that Carol, on her own, chose not to visit our home, yet Jack visited all the time.

I believe that it is Jack who forced her – using mind games, or whatever methods – not to visit.

Furthermore, if Jack told his wife: “Take this item to (our home)”, it is extremely unlikely that she would refuse.

MOTIVE: If Carol visited our home, then our family members would feel “obligated” to visit her’s too.

If you are a SPY-IMPOSTOR, the last thing you want is relatives of your spouse hanging around your home.

They might notice certain things about you, and start becoming suspicious of you.

Jack kept/keeps Carol isolated. Her only link to the outside world is through him.

This means that, she has no chance of saying something that would make another person become suspicious of Jack.


If MOSSAD can successfully embed their IMPOSTORS to extremely poor Kenyans, because they will not ask questions about the IMPOSTORS’ past/relatives etc, then they can also find an extremely poor man, who is isolated from his family, and make him become “father” to an IMPOSTOR.

MOSSAD would also want this man/woman, to have a slight, unnoticeable intellectual disability.

An IMPOSTOR would find such a person, employ him/her eg. if it is a man, he could be employed to look after the IMPOSTORS’ goats.

Then later, the IMPOSTOR tells this man: “All my parents are dead. Will you agree to adopt me?”

Of course the man will not understand what that means.

Anyway, the IMPOSTOR tells him he – IMPOSTOR – will from now on be calling the herdsman “DAD”, whenever other people are present.

And, if anyone asks, then he should say he is the IMPOSTORS’ father, and if anyone asks any more questions, not to reply, but call the IMPOSTOR.

The poor herder would then be treated well – the IMPOSTOR wouldn’t want people to become suspicious seeing his “DAD” looking emaciated and poor. He would probably even have a maid/servant to help him in the house.

Just for letting a grown man call him “DAD”.

A very good deal for the herdsman, anyway you look at it.

I believe that is how foreign-born IMPOSTOR Farouk Kibet got to have a Kenyan “father”.

Download “MOSSAD Might Have Embedded an IMPOSTOR into My Family 20 Years Ago” in PDF format HERE.

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