Raila Odinga vs William Ruto: Make the Right decision on 9th August 2022

The difference between Azimio & Kenya Kwanza is like light and darkness.

Let us now look at the people involved – Raila Odinga/Martha Karua and William Ruto/Rigathi Gachagua.

Raila Odinga William Ruto

Raila Odinga & Martha Karua

Raila Odinga and Martha Karua fought hard to make Kenya a democracy.

Raila was detained without trial for many years, for opposing President Daniel arap Moi’s single party dictatorship.

There would have been no second liberation in Kenya, without the sacrifices made by patriots like Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia, Masinde Muliro, Jaramogi Oginga, Raila Odinga and many others.

There would have been no multi-party democracy without the sacrifice of patriotic lawyers like James Orengo, Martha Karua and many others, who fought for human rights and democracy, in and out of parliament.

Patriotic lawyers like Orengo and Karua represented many Kenyan patriots in court pro bono (free of charge), during the turbulent 1990s.

Do you know that, if it were not for leaders like Raila & Karua, the electoral commission chairman & other commissioners would still be hired and sacked by the president, without consultation with anybody?

Can there be free elections under such circumstances?

Raila Odinga and Martha Karua can each account for every shilling they own.

None of them has ever been charged with corruption.

They will therefore fight corruption – the cancer keeping many Kenyans poor.

William Ruto & Rigathi Gachagua

While Raila and Karua were fighting for democracy, Ruto was eating.

He was eating Kenya.

He was a senior official of the YK-92, a group of anti-democrats whose job was to bribe Kenyans so they could support then ruling party.

To fund YK-92, the government printed money. A lot of money.

Inflation in the country shot through the roof.

As Kenyans were crying after being thrown into sudden extreme poverty, Ruto bought his first Mercedes Benz sedan – when he was 25 years old.

If you wonder how Kenya politics became so corrupt, look no further – William Ruto & their YK-92 are the ones who made Kenya politics to become extremely corrupt.

Before William Ruto & their YK-92 came on the scene, and started paying people to attend political rallies, one needed to be intelligent, charismatic and a good debater, in order to become elected to parliament.

William Ruto & YK-92 changed all that. They spent billions bribing peasants to vote for ruling-party politicians.

The politics of buying political support was born.

Ruto is also a very violent man.

In his book, “My life, My purpose: A Tanzanian president Remembers”, the late Tanzanian President, Benjamin Mkapa states:

“William Ruto is a power hungry, tribal, corrupt, untrustworthy and a dangerous warlord, who gave absurd conditions that threatened peace, businesses and lives of the Kikuyu, Kamba and Kisii communities and escalated violence in 2007/2008 Post Election Violence.”

Do you know how Ruto became an MP?

He physically assaulted then Eldoret North MP, Mzee Reuben Chesire – a man older than his own (Ruto’s) father.

Party officials became so terrified of Ruto’s temper, that they issued him with direct MP nomination certificate.

When it comes to corruption, Ruto has no equal in the country.

You can search online about details of how he stole a farm belonging to Mr Adrian Muteshi.

Ruto was found guilty in court of this theft. Among other orders, the court ordered him to pay Mr Muteshi compensation.

Mr Muteshi died several years later, without receiving even a cent from Ruto.

Not too long ago, Ruto said that “only sh7 billion was lost” in the Arror-Kimwarer dams’ heist.

If “only sh7 billion was lost”, who stole it?

Why would he defend the people who stole Arror-Kimwarer money?

Was he one of the beneficiaries of that theft?

Strangely, in July 2022, during the presidential debate, Ruto claimed that the government never allocated any money to build Arror-Kimwarer dams.

So, where did the “only sh7 billion lost” come from?

Apart from being extremely corrupt, Ruto’s lying is on stratospheric levels.

While he presents himself as the saviour of poor Kenyans, he actually has total contempt for fellow Kenyans.

When seeking someone to manage his Mata farm in Taita Taveta county, he did not hire Mwakio, Njoroge, Kiptanui or Onyango.

He imported a South African mzungu, and ordered government officials to issue the mzungu with a work permit through the back door.

It is that South African mzungu who entered a local mosque armed with a rifle, and ordered all worshipers out.

He is also the same person who diverted a local river to Ruto’s farm, leaving poor villagers without water.

Did you know that DP Ruto claims that “Africans are too stupid to pilot planes”?

That is why he has employed expatriate mzungu pilots for his 5 helicopters, like the one who assaulted a policewoman in Nyandarua.

While Raila and Karua were fighting for democracy, Rigathi Gachagua was a D.O terrorising Kikuyu peasants in Molo.

This is what Anti-Corruption Court judge said of Rigathi Gachagua, as she ordered him to surrender Sh202 million to the state after failing to explain its source:

“The Assets Recovery Agency (ARA) had proved that the MP and his companies benefitted from funds yet did not deliver any goods or provided any services to the ministries or agencies, which gave tenders to him…he admitted that he received the funds from government agencies but there was no evidence that he supplied any services or goods.”

In other words, Rigathi has become a billionaire through hustling – selling AIR to government departments.

This is public money – meant to fund water projects, hospitals, schools…that is stolen by Rigathi and associates.

Already, Rigathi has threatened the judge who made the ruling above.

Imagine if Ruto & Rigathi rose to power – they would sack all honest judges, and replace them with crooks.

Kenya would be finished. Kaput.

NOTE: From above, you see that both Ruto & Rigathi have been convicted in court of theft/corruption.

During the deputy presidential candidates’ debate, Rigathi claimed he was worth sh800 million.

Yet, he was in court a few days later, defending one of “his plots”, worth sh1.5 billion.

When it comes to lying without showing any emotion, Rigathi is only second to Ruto.

State Capture

You have probably heard a lot about state capture.

State Capture = William Ruto & Rigathi Gachagua.

William Ruto & Rigathi Gachagua = State Capture.

Ruto and Rigathi make billions each year through OPAQUE deals with county and national government officials (see pdf below).

Only way to eradicate state capture is to vote for Raila Odinga and Martha Karua.

If you delivered goods to a certain county, or national govt department, and you were not paid, it is because of state capture.

The money you would have been paid is what was paid to Rigathi, Ruto and their cronies, for no services rendered.

Elect Raila Odinga and Martha Karua.

Also elect candidates affiliated to Azimio as MCAs, MPs, Senators & Governors.

That is the team that will eradicate state capture.

It has become impossible to eradicate state capture, because its mastermind is the current deputy president.

Send dp home on 9th August, and Kenya will be saved from total collapse through unbridled corruption.

Vote Azimio to rescue Kenya.

Download this article in PDF format HERE.

4 thoughts on “Raila Odinga vs William Ruto: Make the Right decision on 9th August 2022

  1. Oh Lord, this blog has been of great interest to me with the knowledge on international espionage and subversive techniques used by foreign powers to meddle with our nations. However, how can there be such immense cognitive dissonance in how one can intricately identify things such as Mossad’s meddling on one end and be so lopsidedly blind on the other? Surely you guys MUST be aware that there is without a doubt foreign money and power behind Raila as well right? I am beyond certain you guys know full well that these internationalists have long practiced the art of funding both sides of a political divide so as to ascertain success whichever way elections go but also to keep the winner disciplined and loyal for they know that the opposition shares the same deep pocketed influencer as they do.

    If I am correct in my belief that you guys are wise enough to know this well known fact, then I believe you are either insincere and are pretenders in your work to awaken Africans to foreign meddling. Or you are ideologically trapped in a lie that one is better than the other. When Raila attained institutional power in 2018 you didn’t hear a peep from him when people’s homes were being railroaded and evictions run rampant, how then did you think he was a better demon that the current regime?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry I must add another point. You have been able to deduce that certain politicians such as Joho, Ledama Ole-Kine and others could be foreign agents. These people are tied directly and intimately to Raila… yet somehow HE was your preferred option? He is who you were recommending people vote for? How could you be so callously irresponsible and tone deaf to even your own narrative? THEY ARE ALL COMPROMISED, ALL SIDES. Better you told your readers to vote for the Pastor or the Marijuana man. I’ve even reposted the link to your Joho-Mossad theory below.

    Please make this make sense to me and your readers.


    Liked by 1 person

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