How The Impostors Conquered Mt Kenya

In the recently concluded elections, all regions, except Mt Kenya, voted more or less as expected.

Kenyans from outside Mt Kenya must be asking, what happened to the Mountain?

What has happened is that people of Mt Kenya have been conquered by The Impostors.

Theoretically, if the government created an agency to deal with Impostor menace, and gave me the job, these Impostors, across the country, would be in total panic.

But the world is the way it is.

I said almost 2 years ago that, if the issue of Impostors in the country is not dealt with, they will eventually conquer the country.

How many are they?

Nobody knows their exact number.

But the recent election has confirmed something I have long speculated: These Impostors are concentrated in Mt Kenya region.

They could be 30,000 or less.

And all of them are not who they say they are.

Their life history, regarding their very early years, is all fiction.

But as we have seen, they are efficient enough to conquer a region with millions of residents.

Modern technology gives them extra-ordinary powers to monitor people, and to eavesdrop on their conversations.

But, how can 30,000 Impostors be able to manipulate more than 10 million people so effectively, without detection?


Take a village of 300 adults.

In this village, the people who could be called Opinion Leaders could only be 10.

It is these 10 people who influence opinion of the 300 adult villagers.

Because of modern technology, that even people in the village use – eg mobile phones with communication apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc – it is very easy for the Impostors to identify Opinion Leaders in any village/Town.

In this village of 300 adults, the Impostors just need to manipulate 10 of them with extreme psychological warfare – to make them believe certain people/ideas/policies are very bad, and others are very good.

Remember that, none of these villagers has any suspicion that his acquaintance/friend/business associate/co-worker is an Impostor.

Therefore, the 10 villagers will never know that they are being manipulated by very powerful forces.

Once some of these 10 Opinion Leaders are “flipped”, they will then influence other villagers to believe certain people/ideas/policies are very bad, and others are very good.

While 2 or 3 Impostors are manipulating villagers in Village A with extreme psychological warfare, other Impostors will be doing the same in Village B, Town C, Town D etc.

And these Impostors had all the time in the world to conquer the Mountain.

In my estimation, this manipulation of Mt Kenya people by the Impostors went into overdrive 10 years ago.

They used the first 5 years to build trust – and supported (or made everyone believe they supported) the region’s political kingpin.

Then, in the last 5 years, they have been manipulating Mt Kenya people to worship “hustler”.

The Mountain people wouldn’t have any suspicion that they are being manipulated, since they “know” this person (Impostor) “supported their son” before.

10 years is more than enough time to conquer a whole community, when you have the ability to monitor their activities online, and to eavesdrop on their conversations, without them suspecting a thing.

Furthermore, the Impostor doesn’t have to do the electronic monitoring themselves.

They are fed all this information by the non-African organisation they work for.

All the Impostors need is to be on the ground, so to speak.

That is how they managed to conquer Mt Kenya people, and make them vote in a manner that has puzzled other Kenyan communities.

When I first brought up this issue of Impostors manipulating people in Mt Kenya region, I started hearing some local politicians saying that: “Tūtikwenderio gwoya” (We will not believe these scary stories).

It is very likely that, it is the Impostors themselves, who started the rumour that, “there are some people talking about Impostor fiction, to cow us into not supporting “hustler””

Therefore, you are telling people about a problem, and the source of the problem, but the source of the problem has the resources to make the people believe that, what you are talking about is “fiction”, and drop their guard.

Download this article in PDF format HERE

By Harun Kimani


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