Kenya Decides 2022: Voting Patterns that Defy All Logic

One clear sign of election rigging is voting patterns that defy all logic.

I looked at results of several polling stations in 2 Mt Kenya counties, and noticed something very peculiar.

Voters in several polling stations neighbouring each other – meaning neighbouring villages – appeared to vote in a very strange manner.

Let me call them polling stations A, B, C, D, E, F (I have rounded off the presidential vote result percentages).

Polling Station A: Ruto = 96%; Raila = 3%

Polling Station B: Ruto = 73%; Raila = 26%

Polling Station C: Ruto = 98%; Raila = 1%

Polling Station D: Ruto = 80%; Raila = 19%

Polling Station E: Ruto = 97%; Raila = 2%

Polling Station F: Ruto = 78%; Raila = 21%

This type of voting, in a generally single tribe area, in a Kenyan presidential election is not possible.

Either results in polling stations A, C & E are REAL and results in B, D & F are MANIPULATED; or

Results in polling stations B, D & F are REAL and results in A, C & E are MANIPULATED.

NOTE: If they could successfully rig results in 1 polling station, without raising any suspicion, they definitely rigged in many other polling stations too.

However, what is needed is solid proof of how this rigging was done.

This is a very serious criminal matter, and forensic experts from DCI should help unravel this mystery.

There is not much time to do this, since this evidence needs to be available within 7 days, for use in Supreme Court.

Therefore, DCI experts should get on this case right away.

They should concentrate on just a few neighbouring polling stations, in generally single tribe areas, where the votes for the 2 presidential candidates show extreme variance.

This rigging scheme must be exposed.

It is not acceptable that a presidential candidate who won by more than 2 million votes is denied his genuine victory.


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