African States that Make Laws to Please Foreign Powers, will be Conquered like Kenya

In 2010 constitution, there are certain parts that definitely were not proposed by the people of Kenya.

These laws were pushed by some foreign-funded NGOs, and “special interest groups”.

The new constitution was praised by foreign powers as being very good for Kenya.

However, this 2010 constitution set-off a chain of events, that have culminated in Kenya being conquered by very powerful non-African entities.


Kenya will be a colony of a foreign power, who will be ruling the country through the impostors, with a Kenyan puppet at the top.

The foreign power believes, correctly, that after working so hard, for so many years, until finally installing a puppet at the top, they now deserve to “taste the Kenyan gravy”.

Consequently, it is the impostors who will be determining Kenya’s domestic and foreign policies, with top Kenyan civil servants being mere stooges.

Other African Nations Should Learn from what has Befallen Kenya

Other African countries should learn from what has happened to Kenya, and never allow any foreign interference in their constitution or laws.

For a long time, Africans believed that when foreign powers push for their countries to enact certain laws, it was because the foreign powers believed those laws would be good for the African state.

They believed that when foreign powers push for their countries to abolish certain laws, it was because the foreign powers believed those laws would be bad for the African nation.

Now we know that, when a foreign power pushes for a certain law to be enacted in an African country, it could be because that law is bad for the African country, and good for the foreign power that wants to conquer the country.

The converse is also true.

DR Congo’s Bill “to safeguard sovereignty and prevent foreign influence and meddling”

In 2021, a bill “To safeguard Democratic Republic of Congo sovereignty and prevent foreign influence and meddling”, was introduced in parliament.

The bill proposed, among other things, to make it impossible for an impostor to ever become DRC president.

Certain Foreign Powers opposed the bill.

Foreign-funded NGOs operating in DRC also opposed the proposed law.

Some church leaders, no doubt acting under pressure from abroad, also opposed the bill.

Now we know why some foreign powers would vigorously oppose the bill – because it makes it extremely difficult for them to conquer DRC.

Patriotic DRC politicians should campaign hard for the bill (I am assuming it was shelved?), and return it to parliament.

The law is good for DRC. End of story.

If it is bad for certain foreign powers, because it makes it difficult for them to colonise DRC, that is their problem.

Should an African country allow itself to be colonised, in order to make a foreign power happy?

Who would choose slavery?


When I look at these kind of issues, I always notice it all goes back to who controls the information citizens receive.

If Congolese have an online platform where they can discuss these kind of issues freely, without their comments being hidden because they are “too patriotic”, then a huge majority would not only support the bill above, but they would demand it be passed by parliament immediately.

This is what every African country should do going forward – Only make laws that are good for the country, not to please foreigners.

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How Mossad Stole 2 Million Votes for Ruto in 2022 Election

The plot to massively rig Kenya election in 2022 was conceived more than 10 years ago, and began in earnest on 15 January, 2012.

How it all started

In January 2012, URP political party was registered, with Mossad agents – Farouk Kibet and others – managing it, under the radar.

The political leader of the party was registered as William Ruto – He thought Farouk & his team were just enthusiastic supporters.

In 2013 general election, the party did not manage to have any MP in Mount Kenya region.


In 2016, URP merged with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA, to form Jubilee Party.

The Mossad agents managing URP under the radar, became part of the new Jubilee Party secretariat.

In 2017, these agents massively rigged Jubilee party nominations in Mt Kenya region in favour of candidates whose loyalty was to Ruto only.

These rigged-in Jubilee party candidates in Mt Kenya region, rode on the wave of Jubilee & Uhuru’s popularity to become elected as MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors in 2017 general elections.

NOTE: If URP & TNA had not merged, these Ruto-affiliated politicians in Mt Kenya would have lost to their TNA opponents in 2017 elections.

In 2020, Mossad acquired UDA political party, using third parties.

Its leader became William Ruto, with Mossad’s Veronica Maina as Secretary General.

One by one, the MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors in Mt Kenya region, who were rigged-in during Jubilee nominations, started defecting to UDA.

2022 Elections

Any attempts by the government to ensure transparency in IEBC was met by strong opposition from Ms Veronica Maina, who would threaten IEBC, and also write to Western Governments, claiming it was a plot to rig the election.

Consequently, IEBC became totally independent of government, meaning that the agents Mossad had quietly embedded into it, would now work without any hindrance.

Through their control of IEBC chairman, via their agents embedded into IEBC, Mossad managed to manipulate him into selecting a company they secretly control – Smartmatic – to manage Kenya 2022 general election.

Ms Veronica Maina publicly supported the award of tender to Smartmatic by IEBC.

The plan to rig the election was now almost complete.

Next, through their control of IEBC chairman, Mossad managed to have him select a Greece-based company, which they also secretly control, to print election ballots.

Once again, Ms Maina publicly supported IEBC boss, this time for awarding the ballot printing tender to the Greek company.

Their control of all aspects of Kenya general election was now complete.


They knew that, if they only rigged the presidential vote, then their candidate would have more than 50% of the vote, but could end up with 30% of MPs, and that would raise great suspicion.

They therefore set out to rig strategically in all positions – from MCA to presidential vote.

However, they had to be very careful in how they stole the votes, so as not to raise any suspicion.

They concentrated their rigging plot for MCAs, MPs, Senators, Governors & President in these counties – Nairobi, Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Embu, Nakuru, Tharaka-Nithi, Meru, Nyandarua and Laikipia.

They did so very carefully, taking advantage of the narrative they have been pushing, regarding current political dynamics in these counties (won’t go into it now, but have written about it in previous articles).

They are so cunning that, they even “let” a Kikuyu Jubilee candidate win MP seat in Nakuru, to bring confusion.

However, reason they “allowed” this Jubilee candidate to win, is because they believed their UDA candidate in that constituency was not as loyal to Ruto as they wanted, and could therefore be sacrificed, to bring confusion, just in case anyone was suspicious about UDA winning too many seats in the region.

Long story short: More than 50% of UDA MCAs, MPs, Senators and Governors elected in Nairobi, Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Embu, Nakuru, Tharaka-Nithi, Meru, Nyandarua and Laikipia counties are beneficiaries of stolen votes.

In the presidential vote, evidence shows Ruto’s votes were increased by about 2 million.

Decolonising the Mind

Most Africans have been made to believe that, for an election to be fair, they need to have Western companies managing those elections, since “they would be neutral”.

The Kenyan election was managed entirely by Western-based companies, including printing of ballots.

The result? Massive rigging and outright theft of Raila Odinga’s votes.

I have seen this question online: “How can Kenyan hackers be able to infiltrate servers set-up for IEBC by one of the top election management companies in the world?”

Answer: Simple. The foreign company deliberately left backdoors open in the servers, because their only interest in Kenya election was to rig for William Ruto, on behalf of the top spy agency in the world.

Obviously, they did not leave the backdoors in the IEBC servers open for everyone to access.

They set them up so that only “authorised people” could illegally access the servers, and manipulate the election data therein.

There are a million and one ways of doing that.

Example: Top officials of the foreign company could have created a certain Administrator for the servers – let’s call him AdminA789 – then manipulated the software, such that, even when AdminA789 is “deleted” – and all logs/data shows that Administrator no longer exists – AdminA789 can still access the server, and also has all Administrator privileges.

To everyone else, apart from top officials of the foreign election-technology company, AdminA789 does not exist.

However, password of this AdminA789 is passed on to Kenyan “hackers”, who don’t even need to be computer experts, since all they will have to do, is log into IEBC servers, and enter the data handed to them.

NOTE: Above method is just one among many, that the election was rigged in favour of Kenyan Kwanza, at the expense of Azimio.

Why Kenyan Patriots Must Take Back Their Country

A foreign power has rigged in thieves, crooks and conmen into power.

The same foreign power is in control of Kenya electoral register. They have all the details about voters, including their Identity Cards.

They have their own agents operating inside IEBC.

It is therefore impossible for the country to have free and fair elections in future, including any upcoming by-elections.

It is also not possible to constitute a new IEBC team while a government rigged into power by foreigners is in place.

What is the price of freedom?

Is it right for a foreign power to decide for Kenyans who their leaders should be?

Who would like to live in a country where a foreign government dictates who will become your president?

A president rigged into office by a foreign spy agency, because they believe he is too unpatriotic and corrupt, will destroy the country completely – through plunder.

That is why Kenyan patriots must take back their country, before it is becomes a failed state.

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