Understanding Kenya-Somalia Dispute

On 14 December 2020, Somalia severed diplomatic relations with Kenya, ordered Somalia Embassy in Nairobi closed, and gave all Kenyan diplomats in Mogadishu 7 days to leave the country.

The government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo accused Kenya of violating Somali sovereignty and meddling in its internal affairs.

The move by Somalia is very unusual because it is Kenya Army that defeated the Al Shabaab terrorist group in Kismayu, forcing them out of the Coastal city.

Somali National Army (SNA) controls less than 25% of Somalia territory, while the Al Shabaab controls large areas of the country.

There have been reports that SNA was being mobilised at the Kenyan border between the towns of Bula Hawa (Beled Hawo) in Somalia and Mandera in Kenya.

Consider the following:

1. Somaliland declared independence from Somalia a long time ago. Yet, SNA has been unable to do anything about it.


2. Al Shabaab has killed thousands of innocent Somalis over the years.

– On December 18, 2020, Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for a suicide attack at Abdullahi Isse football stadium in Mudug region of central Somalia that killed ten people – three senior military officers and seven civilians.

Among those killed in the blast were the commander of the 21st Division of the Somali National Army, General Abdiazis Abdullahi Abdi; the commander of the 10th Brigade of Somalia’s U.S-trained Danab military unit, Colonel Mukhtar Abdi Aden; and the former mayor of Galkayo North, Mohmus Yasin Tumey.

– 2 months ago, at least 13 Somali troops were killed by the al-Shabab armed group near the district of Afgoye, northwest of the capital, Mogadishu.

In August, 2020, 10 civilians and a police officer were killed in a gun-and-bomb attack by al-Shabab on an upscale beachfront hotel in the capital.

– The al-Shabab armed group claimed responsibility for December 2019 enormous car bombing in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu that killed at least 81 people.

– On 14 October 2017, two truck bombings took place in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, killing at least 587 people and injuring 316 others. Once again, Al Shabaab was responsible for this massacre of mostly civilians.

Given the above, one would expect focus of Somalia Government to be about vanquishing al-Shabab and restoring law and order in the country. However, that is not the priority of the government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo.

The problem with Somalia is that it is currently a CLIENT STATE of powerful non-African entities.

A CLIENT STATE has no foreign policy. Its foreign policy is what their foreign bosses say it is. Somalia government’s non-African bosses want the country to remain UNSTABLE in perpetuity.

Will President Farmaajo declare war on Kenya, yet his country doesn’t have a single tank, because that is what the powerful non-African entities, of whom Somalia is a CLIENT STATE want, so they – the powerful non-African entities – can attack Kenya thru proxy?

If Somalia declares war on Kenya, Kenya government must immediately sever diplomatic relations with Israel and Turkey.

That is the least Kenya can do – to let the world know who is behind Somalia government’s hostile attitude towards Kenya.

On paper, the ocean boundary dispute is between Kenya versus Somalia. In reality, it is Kenya vs Israel/Turkey. Kenya is extremely disadvantaged.

Not surprisingly, when Kenya sent lawyers to the ICJ regarding the case, they were shocked to find that Somalia was represented by some of the best lawyers in the world.

How was that possible, yet at that time, the government in Somalia did not even control a single village, town or city?

NOTE: Kenya is among very few African countries whose citizens are not found desperately crossing the Mediterranean to migrate to Europe. Some powerful non-African actors do not like that.

Silvia Romano


Earlier this year, it was reported that Silvia Romano had been rescued in Somalia.

It was alleged that her location in Somalia was discovered by Turkish intelligence.

Up to date, Somalia President Farmajo believes that story is true. However, he doesn’t know where Ms Romano was allegedly staying in Somalia, nor who had kidnapped her.

Imagine having a president who doesn’t know what is going on in his own country? He is fed intel by foreigners, who have their own interests – interests that do not rhyme with his own country’s interests.

Somalia President Farmajo is fed intel, some true, but most is FAKE.

Very dangerous situation.

Current situation in the world requires that a president must be very careful acting based on intel received regarding other countries.

Consider the case of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. He was killed by a remote-controlled weapon (gun).

NOTE: Iran has a powerful military and well trained intelligent officers. Yet, another country was able to, not only smuggle a dangerous weapon into Iran, but to also fire it at their chosen target REMOTELY.

Therefore, it is possible for a missile/rocket to be delivered CLANDESTINELY to country A & fired into country B.

Everyone will believe country A attacked country B…When powerful countries want to conquer a less powerful country, it is very easy for them to start WAR between previously friendly nations

Somalia President Farmajo has agreed, without knowing, to be used to create enmity between his country and Kenya.

Will he finally realise that he is being used by powerful non-African nations to weaken Somalia and Kenya, so that these 2 powerful countries can eventually COLONISE both Kenya and Somalia??

About Arab League: No Arab country is in control of the Arab League. The League is controlled by one of the Non-Arab countries pushing Somalia to create enmity with Kenya.

Therefore, next time The Arab League sides with Somalia against Kenya, President Farmaajo should know it is not Arabs speaking, it would be the non-Arab state speaking through the League.

Somalia-Kenya Border Dispute

The sea boundary between Kenya and Tanzania goes East. The boundary between Kenya and Somalia is also Eastwards.

However, Somalia, the country with the longest coastline in Africa, has been ordered by the non-African states that control it, to demand that the sea boundary with Kenya should be South-East.

Contrary to what many people think, the non-African states’ demand for Somalia to grab part of Kenyan ocean has nothing to do with minerals.

It is all about making Kenya to effectively become land-locked – so it can be conquered easily.

NOTE: When it comes to Kenya, Somalia President Farmajo was advised by the non-African States, of which Somalia is a CLIENT STATE, that Al Shabaab are allies.

Consequently, Al Shabaab terrorists have been able to cross into Kenya, commit atrocities, and head back to Somalia, with the knowledge and assistance of Farmaajo’s government.

Is it not odd – and very telling – that Somalia is opposed to Kenya building a wall between the two countries?

If the illogical sea claim by Somalia was ever allowed, it would mean that every ship entering Kenyan ports from Europe/Asia would be a possible target by Al Shabaab-linked pirates, enabled by Farmaajo’s government.

This is the motive behind the non-African States, of which Somalia is a CLIENT STATE, demand that Somalia claims that part of the Indian Ocean from Kenya.

They want to cripple Kenya economically, then colonise the country.

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The Imposters

Some powerful non-African entities realised long ago that the easiest way to conquer a country, is to first send imposters who will act and speak like the locals, then use these imposters to weaken the country from within.

Take the case of Garissa County Women Representative Anab Subow Gure (as she calls herself on social media). In parliament, she is known as Gure Anab Mohamed. Her official parliament page has ZERO information about her. Education? BLANK. Work? BLANK…

Why is that?

Because she is an IMPOSTER. She is neither Kenyan, nor Somali. Yet, on paper, she is a citizen of Kenya, from Somali ethnic group.

Ms Anab is not from Somalia. Yet, she is being used to cause suspicion between Kenyan Somalis, and Kenyan non-Somali population.

Ms Gure Anab Mohamed has openly declared her loyalty is to Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

The plan is to make Kenyans believe that Kenyan-Somalis are not loyal to Kenya.

However, reality is that the person doing everything to make Kenyans think that way, is herself NOT ethnic Somali!

Anab Subow Gure/Gure Anab Mohamed is an IMPOSTOR – sent to Kenya by a powerful non-African state.


Is it possible that Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is an impostor too?

Just think about it.

1. Farmaajo has never hidden his hatred of Kenya. When he became president, he immediately demanded Kenya cede to Somalia part of its Indian ocean. Why would a government that did not yet control a single village, view ownership of that small section of the Ocean as its Number 1 priority?

2. The Somalia-based terrorist group Al-Shabaab is more powerful in areas controlled by Somalia National Army, than in areas where Kenya Defence Force (KDF) is present. In fact, in Kismayu – which was liberated from Al-Shabaab by KDF – the terror group is virtually non-existent.

However, according to President Farmaajo, KDF is the enemy.

3. After the Al-Shabaab suicide bombing on 18 December, 2020, in Mudug region of central Somalia that killed SNA General Abdi and other senior commanders, what did President Farmaajo do?

The next day, 19 December 2020, he issued a protest note to Kenya for allegedly sending KDF to Mandera (in Kenya)! He claimed that KDF planned to attack Bula Hawa (Beled Hawo) in Somalia.

Therefore, the Al-Shabaab suicide bombing the previous day was not a serious matter, as far as President Farmaajo was concerned.

NOTE: The distance from Mudug region where the attack occurred, to Kenya border is more than 1,000 KMs.

Conclusion: On balance of probability, it is very likely that President Farmaajo is not a Somali, but an IMPOSTOR. How can a Somali be so callous towards the terror caused by the murderous Al-Shabaab – a cult-like group that regularly kills Somali women and children?

United Nations

If the president of Somalia is a real Somali (by ethnicity), he would want the country to be peaceful, so that the millions of Somalis living as refugees abroad could return home.

However, it appears that Somalia President Farmaajo desperately wants to start a war between Somalia and Kenya. How would that help Somalia?

The fact that KDF cleared Kismayu of Al-Shabaab; The fact that Al-Shabaab terrorists pass through areas controlled by SNA and attack innocent Kenyans in N.E. Kenya; The fact that President Farmaajo considers KDF as the enemy, rather than Al-Shabaab terrorists;

Means that Farmaajo is most likely an IMPOSTOR – a non-Somali presenting himself as a Somali.

United Nations should investigate this very likely possibility.

If it is found that Farmaajo is not an ethnic Somali, he must be ordered to resign as president.

Somalia will only be peaceful if impostors – non-ethnic Somali brought to Somalia by entities that want to colonise the country – are barred from occupying political positions.

These impostors want to destabilise, not only Somalia, but neighbouring countries too. They must be stopped, before they accomplish their evil missions.