By Tuesday (23-02-2021) evening, 38 county Assemblies had voted YES for BBI, with only 1 – Baringo – voting NO. This clearly contradicts social media polls that have been showing YES side getting as little as 10% of the vote.

Politicians allied to DP William Ruto and “Civil Society” activists have repeatedly told us that BBI is bad, and Kenyans “on the ground” absolutely do not like BBI.

After the unanimous passing of BBI in so many counties, some of its opponents have realised that Kenyans “on the ground” are indeed pro-BBI.


However, some TangaTanga politicians are still in denial. They are claiming that MCAs do not represent the opinion of Kenyans “on the ground”; Some are also claiming that the MCAs only voted for BBI because they were “bribed with sh2 million car grants”.

Politicians claiming that MCAs voted YES because of the car grants, why then did Baringo MCAs overwhelmingly vote NO?

Why did the voting in Nakuru county take a tribal angle? Are the car grants only being awarded to some tribes?

FACT: MCAs have overwhelmingly voted YES for BBI because they have discovered that most Kenyans “on the ground” in their wards are pro-BBI.

I have said many times that some SHADOWY non-African actors have infiltrated Kenya, and are responsible for creating the PERCEPTION that BBI is an unpopular document. It was all just that – illusion that people are anti-BBI.

If in doubt, just study the case of Nakuru county’s Kabazi Ward MCA Peter Mbae.

Mbae is a staunch follower of DP Ruto. He is HustlerNation damu. Like other TangaTanga politicians, Mbae has been solidly against BBI.

Like Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata, Mbae truly believed the people he represents are solidly against BBI.

Mbae was so confident that his anti-BBI opinion was also the opinion of Kabazi people “on the ground” that, at the county assembly, he demanded that BBI public participation be held at every ward in the county, and be led by local MCAs.

His wish was granted.

Mbae happily attended the BBI public debates in his Kabazi ward. To his shock, almost everyone present was pro-BBI. In fact, he was told, to his face, that if he voted NO, then he must never set foot in Kabazi again.

Yesterday, a very humbled Peter Mbae voted YES for BBI.

Mt Kenya Counties

Out of more than 500 MCAs in Mt Kenya counties, only 4 voted NO. Yet, for more than 1 year, we have been told repeatedly that Mt Kenya people do not want anything to do with BBI.

Thousands of “Agikuyu”, “Ameru” and “Aembu” online, on social media, have been telling everyone that Mt Kenya is a NO zone. That Mt Kenya is a TangaTanga zone.

Who are these online “Agikuyu”, “Ameru” and “Aembu”?

There is a Criminal Parallel Government – CPG – in Kenya, and it is this CPG that is responsible for creating the PERCEPTION that BBI is unpopular in Mt Kenya region, and also that DP Ruto is popular in the region – Both very big lies.

What has been happening is that CPG has been using BULLYING tactics, INTIMIDATION and PSYOPS to create the impression that certain FALLACIES are true.


If you are rich, and wants to spread certain propaganda/lies in a certain town, how would you go about it? You could hire people to spread the propaganda in:
(a) social media;
(b) media – TV, Radio, online.

In the case of the anti-BBI propaganda, apart from being spread in the 2 mediums above, it has also been spread by the foreign-funded “Civil Society”. Whoever pays the piper…

But most importantly, the anti-BBI propaganda in Mt Kenya region has also been spread by people actually based in the region.

If you want a Kenyan to spread certain propaganda for you, you must pay him. And when you pay Kenyans to do this kind of hatchet jobs, it will always leak, eventually.

The fact that the people who have been spreading the anti-BBI propaganda in the Mt Kenya region have not been exposed, can only mean one thing – they are not really Kenyans; They are foreign-born IMPOSTORS.

These foreign-born IMPOSTORS – e.g. MPs Faith Gitau, Rahab Mukami, Isaac Mwaura – were sent to Kenya on a mission to eventually conquer the country.

For a long time, you couldn’t even hold a pro-BBI event in Mt Kenya region without being heckled. It is the foreign-born IMPOSTORS who were doing the heckling.

One year ago, one Mt Kenya MP was almost lynched by “his constituents” over some trivial matter.

It is most likely that it is the foreign-born IMPOSTORS who were behind the stunt – I don’t think they actually planned to lynch him, but to make him believe he had just survived a lynching…

The MP probably believed his only choices were to join TangaTanga/anti-BBI side; or forget ever visiting his constituency, and quit politics after his current term in parliament ends.

Naturally, he chose to join TangaTanga/anti-BBI side. He was among the 41 Mt Kenya MPs who recently wrote the rude letter to the president, after Sagana meeting.

This particular MP must be shocked that his own county’s MCAs have voted UNANIMOUSLY for BBI.

MAFIA tactics by a foreign power.

Anyway, the foreign-born IMPOSTORS couldn’t do the heckling during the BBI public-participation forums because the venues were heavily guarded by the police.

Interestingly, at least one TangaTanga politician in Mt Kenya – Kandara MP Alice Wahome – complained about the heavy security during BBI public discussion in her constituency. Yet, it was only because of the high security that the REAL Kenyans on the ground got to say what they thought about BBI, without being bullied and heckled by the foreign-born IMPOSTORS.

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The Criminal Parallel Government (CPG) Operating in Kenya

There is a CRIMINAL Parallel Government – CPG – operating in Kenya. Although CPG has been operating in Kenya for many years, it only became very powerful in the past decade.

This Parallel Govt is responsible for more than 99% of Kenya’s problems. They manipulate information flow in Kenya, in order to mislead the public about what is REALLY going on in the country.

This information manipulation has enabled CPG to make outright thugs look like good, charitable businessmen.

Some of these criminals promoted by CPG have ended up becoming MPs, Senators, Governors etc. Among the Kenyan criminals propelled into leadership position by CPG is impeached Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko.

Most Kenyans are not aware of this CRIMINAL Parallel Govt (CPG). If most Kenyans were aware about it, then they would not allow it to exist. It is in the interest of CPG & their FOREIGN MASTERS that Kenyans do NOT know about its existence.

Members of CPG include:

– Rahamim Caveda alias “Farouk Kibet” – a top aide to the Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto;

– Narok Senator Solomon Sidisto alias Ledama Olekina;

– Nyali MP Yehuda Yacob alias Mohammed Ali (Moha JichoPevu);

– Former Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya, LSK, Berhanu Sabahat alias Ahmednasir Abdullahi (ahmednasirlaw);

– Current Chairman of the Law Society of Kenya, LSK, Yehiel Melaku alias Nelson Havi;

– Mombasa Governor Neggousa Bogale alias Hassan Ali Joho;

– Lamu Senator Desta Pakada alias Anwar Loitiptip;

– Former President University of Nairobi Students’ Union, UNSA (2019 – 2020), Pnina Salmasa alias Ann Mwangi Mvurya;

– Nyandarua Woman Representative Faith Gitau;

– Garissa Woman Representative Gure Anab Mohamed;

– Musician Samidoh (Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu);

– Nairobi County nominated MCA Anne Thumbi.

cpg kenya 700

Consider the following: Samidoh is a member of CPG, yet, if you study his profile, there’s nothing that shows that he does anything else but sing harmless songs and work as a cop.

He is not known to be controversial, nor engaged in politics…And that is where the problem is: That there are many such members of CPG who are quietly sabotaging Kenya, yet they appear to be totally harmless.

If I was to make a wild guess about the actual number of members of CPG, I would say between 1,000 to 5,000. Yet, these very few people have managed to sabotage Kenya continuously and even made Kenyans kill each other.

FACT: If there was no Criminal Parallel Government, CPG, operating in Kenya, no Kenyan would have died in 2007/08 because of the election, regardless of who won.

PEV was because of TRIBAL INCITEMENT prior to the elections.

Although Kenyan politicians also made tribal-hate comments between 2005-2007, it is the CPG that did more than 90% of the ethnic incitement under the radar.

NOTE: Tribal violence started in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, yet there was NO Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate from the county in 2007 election.

It also happens that, “coincidentally”, Uasin Gishu is the “home county” of CRIMINAL Parallel Government’s Farouk Kibet.

In fact, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda had intended to call witnesses who named Farouk Kibet as the person who coordinated 2007/08 post-election violence in the Rift Valley [during Ruto’s trial]

These ICC witnesses later DISAPPEARED and are presumed dead.

Just ask yourself this question: How can a foreigner be the chief organiser of mass killings, unless he works for a very powerful, shadowy international entity?

Anyone still doubting how foreigners can come to Kenya and incite Kenyans to hate each other, and even kill each other, without Kenyans knowing: Just look at Somalia.

Somalis have been fighting for a long time. Al-Shabaab has killed thousands of Somali…Something most people do not know: Al-Shabaab is enabled by current Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo – who is a non-Somali IMPOSTOR.

Therefore, it is foreigners in Somalia who are making Somali kill each other. Though Somalis do not know that, yet.

Something very important I have noticed regarding 2007/8 PEV in Kenya: Whenever the issue of PEV comes up on social media, there are always many BOTS pushing the propaganda that PEV was caused by “disputed elections”…

I always wondered why powerful non-Africans would be so concerned about Kenya’s PEV till they employed BOTS to push the FALLACY about the cause. Then I later discovered that PEV was caused by the same powerful non-Africans, through their Kenya-based IMPOSTORS.

It is important to note that there was NO PEV in any of the estates where top politicians or election officials lived, yet Kenyans were supposedly fighting over them.

In fact, children of the top politicians on both sides of the contest were close friends before, and after the 2007 elections.

Also, many people involved in killing their neighbours during that time, later confessed that they didn’t know “what devil possessed them”, and made them do what they did – signs of manipulation by the CPG, under the radar.

Some CPG members are famous eg ahmednasirlaw (Grand Mullah), while most are not famous at all. They are spread around Kenya, quietly sabotaging the country without raising any suspicion.

Among the jobs they have been doing, is to popularise DP William Ruto in Mt Kenya region, and to sabotage and intimidate locals (under the radar – secretly) they view as threats to Ruto’s interests in the region.

Some powerful non-African entities realised long ago that the easiest way to conquer a country, is to first send imposters who will act and speak like the locals, then use these imposters to weaken the country from within.

Take the case of FAKE Kenyan, Garissa County Women Representative Anab Subow Gure (as she calls herself on social media). In parliament, she is known as Gure Anab Mohamed. Her official parliament page has ZERO information about her. Education? BLANK. Work? BLANK…

Why is that?

Because she is an IMPOSTER. She is neither Kenyan, nor Somali. Yet, on paper, she is a citizen of Kenya, from Somali ethnic group.

Ms Anab is not from Somalia. Yet, she is being used to cause suspicion between Kenyan Somalis, and Kenyan non-Somali population.

The head of the CPG is Farouk Kibet.

CPG gets POLITICAL COVER from an UNKNOWING William Ruto. Therefore, as long as Ruto is DP, then CPG cannot be taken out. If Ruto resigns/sacked, CPG would be taken out easily.

Kenya would be reborn. It would be like 1963 again.

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