Experiment to Test Whether PsyOps are Being Used in Kenya

Most people will doubt something they cannot test and prove it exists, or works as expected. Is it possible to perform an experiment to test whether it is true that top-class PSYOPS is being used to mislead Kenyans?

The answer is YES.

But before I write about that PSYOPS experiment, let me first mention certain events that will provide a general understanding of what is happening in Kenya politics currently.

Because the main political battle is in Mt Kenya/Central Kenya region, my observations will concentrate on that.

1. A few days before the burial ceremony for Rurii Ward MCA in Nyandarua County, local clergy had issued a notice stating that there would be no political speeches. Only local leaders would be allowed to greet the mourners.

However, during the burial on Tuesday, 19 January 2021, when Nyandarua Woman Representative Faith Gitau was invited to greet the mourners, she insisted that other politicians accompanying her [pro-Ruto/TangaTanga politicians from other counties] must equally be allowed to address the crowd.

“In what appeared to be a prior-planned drama, a group of visibly drunk youths moved towards the pulpit shouting down the clergy and also threatened to paralyse the event. Police had a hard time controlling the youths who managed to push their way to the dais and started dismantling the speakers…Many of the rowdy youth are said to have been ferried from Kinangop, Naivasha, and Ol Kalou towns.”

“The politicians grabbed the programme of event from the clergy, took charge of the ceremony and used their time to attack President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Building Bridges Initiative and also launched campaigns for their preferred candidates in the next general elections…”

Therefore, a non-Kenyan IMPOSTOR – Faith Gitau – was ready to do anything, to make sure that when the mourners went back home, they would be talking about how DP William Ruto was loved; How Uhuru was hated; How BBI was unpopular etc.

However, the people who were saying those things were from other counties e.g. Mathira MP Rigathi “12 BILLION” Gachagua. He will next week go to another funeral in another county, and repeat the same propaganda…

Many Mt Kenya people won’t notice that it is the same group of 10 politicians moving from one county to the next, hijacking scheduled programs, badmouthing BBI, praising Ruto etc.

2. On 17 January 2021, DP Ruto hosted some Kikuyu musicians at his official residence. He then happily tweeted about it, attaching several photos of him and the artists.


I have checked the Twitter and Facebook accounts of some of the musicians. Apparently, most of them are not on Twitter. However, the one on Twitter never even mentioned anything about meeting Ruto.

On Facebook, I checked 4 accounts. Of the 4, 3 didn’t mention anything about meeting Ruto. Only 1 posted a photo with Ruto, without adding even a single word.

What does that mean?

Only 1 explanation: They agreed to meet Ruto, only because they were being PAID to do so.

No wonder, there have been reports that the musicians were paid, depending on the category they were in:

(a) Struggling, little known, poor musicians (the “HUSTLERS”) – sh 50K each.

(b) Well established, popular, rich musicians – sh 300K each.

Why would Ruto’s people pay the musicians for the photo op? Because, HustlerNation without Mt Kenya will be DEAD. They need to keep pushing the FALLACY that Mt Kenya is TangaTanga zone.

NB: One of the Kikuyu musicians who was in the group even suggested on social media that the only reason they went to meet DP Ruto was because of current financial difficulties.

3. 1 year ago, someone I trust told me that, “Here, everyone is for Ruto”. i.e. every person in their village (in Mt Kenya region) and surrounding villages was a Ruto supporter.

I did not doubt that he was telling me the truth, as he understood it.

However, there is something I noticed: He did not tell me, “I am for Ruto” or “I support Ruto”…Instead, he told me, “people here are for Ruto”. BTW I had not asked him about his opinion on Ruto, or local politics – he merely volunteered the information.

For someone like me who is familiar with PSYOPS, the 2 statements above were as different as day and night.

Though I didn’t tell him, because it was pointless.

Since that day when someone I trust told me “people here are for Ruto”, I have seen hundreds of similar comments on social media and other fora i.e. Rather than someone say, “this is my position”, they say, “this is what people are saying”…

Under normal circumstances, the difference in such statements wouldn’t mean much. But these are not normal circumstances, by any stretch of the imagination.


The Mt Kenya politicians who claim they do A,B,C because that is what the people want, should do this experiment:

Go around your constituency/County and ask random people the following question: If presidential elections were held today, and the only candidates are Ruto & Uhuru, who would you vote for?

NB: I have chosen the above question, because questions like: “Do you support BBI?” are misleading, because many may depend on others to “interpret” BBI for them.

But the above question is clear. It is straight forward. No ambiguity.

Do not send anyone to collect the data for you. You must collect the data yourself. Even a busy politician can get opinion of at least 20 people in a week. Make sure data is from different age groups, gender and financial status.

You will be surprised by the results.

Very possible that out of 20, 15 will tell you something like: “Here, Ruto will definitely defeat Uhuru…” But none says: “I will vote for Ruto”


Anyway, anyone based in Mt Kenya region can perform the experiment.

What is important is that, anyone who says “Here people will vote for…” instead of saying “I will vote for…” are probable victims of top-class PSYOPS by the No. 1 Spy Agency in the world.

NOTE: The Spy Agency is estimated to have between 1,000-5,000 IMPOSTORS in Kenya. It is these IMPOSTORS who plot and execute the PSYOPS, mostly in Mt Kenya region.

Plea to GoK

Any public function in Mt Kenya/CentralKenya region, where IMPOSTORS Faith Gitau, Rahab Mukami or Isaac Mwaura are present, unless they are the convenors/hosts, there should be at least 50 police officers, in plainclothes, among the crowd.

I know that Kenya Police are stretched beyond the limit because of this attack by a powerful 1st World country. However, Kenya doesn’t have a choice.

If there are no police officers available, then NYS officers should be deployed, in plainclothes.

If there were plain-clothed police officers among the crowd in the burial yesterday, then, they would have taken down the hecklers, while uniformed police would have FORCEFULLY taken the mic out of Ms Gitau’s hand.

NB: Get PDF of this post HERE.