How to Defeat the Impostors Sabotaging Kenya

99% of Kenya problems have been caused by IMPOSTORS who were sent to Kenya by a very powerful 1st world country. The IMPOSTORS’ job is to weaken Kenya economy, divide the people, and to make the country insecure.

THEIR ultimate goal is to eventually have an IMPOSTOR as president of Kenya, something that has already been accomplished in Somalia, where the current President is a non-Somali IMPOSTOR.

The number of the foreign-born IMPOSTORS in Kenya is estimated to be between 1,000-5,000. Most of them are living what appear to be mundane lives, disguised as Kenyans simply going on with their normal lives.

The well-known IMPOSTORS include Farouk Kibet, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Ledama ole Kina, Hassan Joho, Isaac Mwaura, Moha Jicho Pevu, Anwar Loitiptip, Nelson Havi, Gure Anab Mohamed, Rahab Mukami and Faith Gitau.

Other IMPOSTORS include: Ann Mwangi Mvurya, Ann Thumbi, Samidoh (Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu) and Kinuthia Pius.


The IMPOSTORS sent to Kenya do various jobs under the radar, undetected by Kenyans. The jobs they do include:

1. Attending – in large numbers – political rallies of certain politicians, and cheering, to make them appear to be popular on the ground;

2. Attending – in few numbers – political rallies of certain politicians, and heckling, to make them appear to be unpopular on the ground;

3. Spying on targeted Kenyans;

4. Sabotaging businesses of targeted Kenyans;

5. Popularising certain political players, on the ground and online;

6. Slandering certain targeted Kenyans, on the ground and online;

7. Popularising certain policies, on the ground and online;

8. Misleading Kenyans about certain policies, on the ground and online;

9. Becoming embedded into certain targeted Kenyans – as business associates, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, or husbands/wives;

10. Using rumour and innuendo to cause suspicion and hate between different Kenyan tribes;

11. Being sent outside Kenya to act as just another Kenyan student/immigrant, and do the above 1-10 jobs on targeted Kenyans abroad…

Many Kenyans doubt whether it is possible for this to be true: People born and raised in another country, coming to Kenya ILLEGALLY, obtaining FAKE Kenya Birth Certificates…without raising any suspicion.

Furthermore, these IMPOSTORS don’t appear worried, even when called foreign-born IMPOSTORS…

I will now explain why the above happens.

Most of the well-known top spy agencies in the world recruit (a) adults, and (b) talented or well educated adults.

One top spy agency, however, decided to infiltrate other countries by recruiting kids, and training them to speak and act like a person from the country he/she would later be sent to.

This spy agency started recruiting children as young as 4-6 years, and taught them to take the persona of a targeted foreign nation/community/tribe.

Since these kids’ training starts when they are very young, they are completely BRAINWASHED by the spy agency. In essence, they are taught to have ZERO conscience, at a very young age.

Since the powerful spy agency has infinite resources, they are able to have these recruited kids even study the curriculum of the targeted country.

If the kid is to eventually be sent to Kenya, where he will take the persona of a Kikuyu from Nyeri, then he will be taught Kikuyu, with a Nyeri accent, in addition to being taught the 8-4-4 curriculum, while still living in his own country.

After the kid has been indoctrinated enough, and grown to an age where he can be trusted to live in Kenya without leaking any real information about himself – eg age 15+ – he would be sneaked into Kenya, and enrolled, say, in standard 8. He would then sit for his KCPE, and proceed to high school.

All this time, no Kenyan would be suspecting a thing.

In Kenya, he would be having his country’s spy agents acting like his parents/guardians.

Eventually, the IMPOSTOR might go to university/college, or get into business etc.

Since these IMPOSTORS have a very powerful team behind them, they will achieve whatever has been planned for them to achieve.

The reason that IMPOSTORS like Farouk Kibet, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Ledama ole Kina, Hassan Joho, Isaac Mwaura, Moha Jicho Pevu, Rahab Mukami, Faith Gitau etc. do not show any guilt consciousness is because they have ZERO conscience.

They do not experience the emotions/feelings we experience when found out to have lied or committed a crime.

NOTE: NONE of these IMPOSTORS studied Standard 1 in a Kenyan primary school. The powerful spy agency couldn’t bring a 6 year-old to Kenya, regardless of how BRAINWASHED the kid was – too young to be trusted with keeping secrets.

Take the case of a 40 year-old IMPOSTER who came to Kenya as a 17 year-old. That person has lived in Kenya most of his/her life. However, this IMPOSTOR will be actively working for his/her real employer – the foreign spy agency – by SABOTAGING Kenya under the radar.

To prove that these IMPOSTORS living in Kenya for many years does not make them feel like Kenyans, or sympathise with Kenyans, look at the case of lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

Kenyans ‘know’ that Ahmednasir was born in Mandera county. Mandera people ‘know’ Ahmednasir is one of them. Ahmednasir himself says he is a Kenyan-Somali born in Mandera.

Many Kenyan-Somalis are proud of Ahmednasir’s achievements.

Yet, Ahmednasir is a very strong supporter of Somalia IMPOSTOR President Farmaajo, whose policies have led to increased Al-Shabaab terror attacks in North-East Kenya, mostly in Mandera county.

Kenya government sent 2 Cuban doctors to Mandera. 2 years ago, they were kidnapped by Al-Shabaab and taken to Somalia. To date, Ahmednasir has never condemned that attack.

In fact, even ordinary Kenyans have asked loudly why Ahmednasir never condemns Al-Shabaab terrorists.

Yet, Al-Shabaab terror activities have led to Mandera people living the most deprived lives in Kenya. Mandera county has been described as the worst place for a mother to give birth, and for a child to be born and thrive, in the whole of Kenya.

Doctors do not want to work there. Same case with nurses, teachers etc. because of Al-Shabaab terror activities in the county.

Yet, Mandera’s most famous ‘son’ considers Al-Shabaab his friends/allies. ZERO conscience. ZERO empathy.

My point? All these IMPOSTORS – each one of them – are enemies of Kenyan people. It is only that some hide their activities more than others.

However, all the IMPOSTORS’ agenda is the same – SABOTAGE of Kenya, to weaken Kenya, so that they and their bosses can finally conquer and rule the country.

The head of Kenya-based IMPOSTORS is farouk Kibet, who has been embedded into DP William Ruto for about 20 years now.

It is Ruto who provides the IMPOSTORS with political cover.

Recently, it was revealed in court how some businessmen were conned more than KES100 Million by people operating in Ruto’s office. The businessmen did not just meet the conmen in hotels – one of the conwomen was actually operating in DP Ruto’s office.

How is this possible? It is what I have called The Criminal Parallel Government, led by Farouk, and protected by Ruto – or rather, they have Ruto in their pocket.

My opinion is that Ruto is so entangled with these underworld characters led by IMPOSTOR Farouk, and they have so much dirt on him, such that he cannot dis-entangle himself from them.

Since Ruto has refused to resign, the only solution is to IMPEACH him.

Impeachment of Ruto will mean the IMPOSTORS have no significant political protection. GoK would then be able to take the top IMPOSTORS down.

Major investigations will confirm their BIRTH Certificates are FAKE, and they cannot show any credible Kenyan witnesses who saw them attending Standard 1 in any Kenyan primary school.

Once the top IMPOSTORS are prosecuted and EXPELLED from Kenya, it would be time to smoke out the remaining 1,000-5,000 IMPOSTORS spread around the country, mostly in Mt Kenya region.

I know of a tactic that would smoke out all of the 1,000-5,000 IMPOSTORS, but I cannot state it now, for obvious reasons.

DP Ruto needs to let Kenyans breath. He is preventing Kenya from getting rid of 99% of our problems.

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Is Mombasa Governor Joho a Mossad Spy?

After the probability of the politician being a Mossad-Kenyan hitting 99%, I have no choice but to name him today. Now.

The probability that Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho is either;

1. A Mossad-Kenyan, or

2. Someone very, very close to him (eg wife), is a Mossad agent embedded into him, is 99%.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho is a very senior politician in Kenya. In addition to being Governor of Mombasa, Kenya’s 2nd biggest city, he is also the Deputy Leader of the ODM party.

ODM is Kenya’s 2nd largest political party, in terms of number of MPs and Senators.

Therefore, Joho is currently positioned to become Kenya president sometime in the future.

If indeed Joho is a Mossad agent embedded into Kenya society years ago, then Mossad is in control of the gateway to Kenya, the city that hosts the only port in Kenya – the Mombasa port (Lamu port is still under construction).

This means that it is very important to settle this matter of Joho.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho

According to his bio page, he is 44 years old. This means that there are many people still around, who were his classmates in primary school, if indeed he attended primary school in Mombasa, like he claims.

A teacher saying Joho was his pupil is not enough evidence. Person claiming to have been his teacher or classmate in primary school is only useful in this case if he also provides crucial additional evidence e.g. information about where Joho family lived at the time, other relatives etc.

Does Joho have genuine uncles, aunts, cousins who are solid Kenyans?

There should be an investigation to determine, with finality, whether Joho is who he says he is.

After the case of “Ann Mwangi Mvurya” – PRESIDENT of the University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA) – the spy that Mossad managed to embed into Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, and also successfully made her clinch that top university position, then Kenya cannot afford to take this suspicions about Joho lightly.

Mombasa Demo

Sometime last year, there was an anti-govt demo in Mombasa, organised by the local “Civil Society” groups, ostensibly to protest about transport of goods at the port via the SGR.

The Mombasa-based “Civil Society” groups had invited a famous Nairobi-based activist to provide moral support, or whatever.

The Nairobi-based activist participated in the demo very enthusiastically. And as happens nowadays, he also wrote about the events of that day on social media.

He said something regarding the events during the demo, that I considered to be quite significant, although other people who read it probably did not think it was important.

He said that what shocked him about Mombasa was that local residents were extremely terrified of Governor Hassan Joho.

The activist said that people in Mombasa spoke about Joho in whispers [unless what they were saying about him was positive].

Actually, another person who participated in the demo, also uploaded a video of the events of that day on social media. Something very noteworthy about that video was that, as the Nairobi-based activist criticised local Governor Joho, a certain MP from Mombasa County, who was standing next to the activist, appeared to be quite terrified about what the activist was saying about Joho.

In fact, other social media users commented about the MP’s attitude and said, “It appears the MP was forced to attend…it is like he doesn’t want to be there…”

No other Kenyan politician is feared by their local opponents. Other Kenyan politicians are either liked, disliked, loved or hated by people in their home regions. But not feared.

Even the President of Kenya has people who talk ill of him openly, in his own home constituency.

Not surprising, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is also nicknamed The Sultan.

For people to be intimidated and dominated like the way it has happened in Mombasa, Mossad would rely on backdoors in various electronic gadgets and other tactics to make sure The Sultan rules the county smoothly.

Also note that Mossad owns several media companies – some that exist only online – in Kenya through local proxies. They use these companies to promote the people they view as allies, and to slander those they view as potential threats.


Something else unusual about Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho: Kenyan politicians view having police bodyguards as very important, in terms of, not only security, but prestige.

If most politicians were asked how many police bodyguards they would like to have, they would give ridiculous figures – as many as possible.

Not so for Mombasa Governor Joho. He has rejected police bodyguards in the past. I don’t know whether he eventually asked to have police bodyguards, but last time I read about the matter, he had declined police bodyguards, and was depending on his own personal bodyguards (and his county guards).

I am not aware of any Kenyan politician who is this averse to having police bodyguards.

In summary: There are a lot of red flags regarding Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

National Government Officials

What is the relationship between Officials/Civil servants working for the National government (headed by the ruling party president) and opposition party politicians?

Generally, opposition party politicians consider such government officials as just fellow Kenyans simply doing their job. They do not view them as enemies.

In fact, when multi-party politics was re-introduced in Kenya in the 1990s, many Kenyans were unpleasantly surprised to see opposition politicians, especially in Mt Kenya region, eating public resources together with local administrators sent by then President Moi, who was seen as an enemy by most locals.

The only Kenyan politician I am aware of, who has consistently considered senior Officials/Civil servants working for the National government as enemies, is Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

His differences with such officials have even sometimes degenerated to public quarrels.

Many Kenyans have noticed this very strange behaviour by Joho over the years. For many years, rumour had it that Joho was involved in the international narcotics trade (many Kenyans still believe he is a big-time drug trafficker).

In my opinion, this rumour came about because Kenyans couldn’t find any other way to explain Joho’s massive wealth, unusual secrecy, sneaky behaviour, and hostility towards government officials.

However, I think that Joho’s strange behaviour is caused by much more sinister reasons. I think he has always wanted (and advised by his Mossad handlers) to keep as much distance between himself and government officials, so that the latter do not discover his secret – that he is a foreign-born Mossad agent.

The people/politicians that Governor Joho associates relatively freely with, are people/politicians who depend on him either financially, or politically. These sort of people wouldn’t ask him uncomfortable questions, or try to dig for information about him.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s US Tour in 2017

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s trip to the United States of America is a major boost in efforts to clear his name against allegations of drug dealings…

During his tour, he met former US ambassador to Kenya, Johnnie Carson [United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (May 7, 2009 – March 29, 2013)], who is now a senior advisor at the United States Institute of Peace…

He held meetings with officials from the US department of Homeland Security and also met Eric P. Whitaker, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau African Affairs…”

While Joho’s foreign handlers planned the 2017 US trip so that he could emphatically get rid of the “Drug Lord” tag, it taught me something else I had not known about him – that he had powerful non-African godfathers.

No, the godfathers do not include Mr Carson. The godfathers are the powerful entities who advised or compelled Mr Carson to host Governor Joho.

NOTE: At the height of rumours about there being a secret warrant of arrest in the US for Joho due to alleged international drug trafficking, other prominent Kenyans – some at the same political level as Joho – were also mentioned as also having warrants against them in the US due to the same crime.

Of all those prominent Kenyans rumoured to have secret US arrest warrants against them due to alleged international drug trafficking, only Joho “managed to go to the US, and publicly confirm the rumours were baseless” by meeting important US officials (This wouldn’t happen if there is a US arrest warrant against you).

During that time, I saw in the media and social media, at least one other prominent Kenyan – rumoured, too, as there being a secret US arrest warrant against him – also travelled to the US, meaning the rumours were bogus, yet he did not succeed in meeting any important person (or well known govt official) in the US, and was mocked mercilessly on social media because of that (many social media users suggested the prominent Kenyan hadn’t gone to the US, since there was no photo with any (important) US official).

Long story short: Only Joho had the opportunity to meet senior officials in the US – publicly – a move meant to categorically debunk the story about his alleged involvement in narcotics trade.

Other prominent Kenyans who may have been slandered by the rumours, could only manage to go the US, take photos with “unknowns”, and endure ridicule from fellow Kenyans.

Joho is not a mentally sophisticated person (he is as mentally suave as Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko). It is IMPOSSIBLE that he organised the US tour. It was organised for him, by powerful non-African entities. Why?

Motive For Following These Matters

My motive for writing about these matters is the following: I have discovered that the problems Kenya has been having for the past 2 decades – corruption, political tensions, ethnic tensions, economic problems etc. – all these are merely the symptoms.

The disease is this issue I am writing about, right here.

Someone might ask, “these people you are talking about do not force Kenyans to be corrupt…” Actually they do. You just do not know it.

One day, all “their” plots will become clear, and the world will be shocked.

Most Kenyans – at least 90% of Kenyans, a clear majority – want a corrupt-free country. They have tried everything – One-partyism, Multi-partyism…created PSC, JSC, KACC, EACC, changed Constitution several times…”

Nothing ever seems to work. Because Kenyans have been dealing with the symptoms, not the disease.

As long as the disease is there (and you don’t know about it), you can only ameliorate the pain and discomfort, as presented by the symptoms, before they recur the next day, week, month, or year.