BBI: Uhuru Should Be on Ballot, To Save Kenya From Salivating Hyenas

If BBI is about saving Kenya from getting destroyed by bad politics and uncontrollable corruption, then the constitution changes it will recommend must be informed by the current state of Kenya, not wishful thinking.

If Kenyans are not careful, then the most corrupt Kenyan in history – Deputy President William Ruto – will win presidency in 2022.

This would lead to the complete destruction of Kenya.

The-People-Who-Control-Internet-Globally want Ruto to become the next President. They have inundated Mt Kenya people with continuous pro-Ruto and anti-Raila/anti-Uhuru propaganda.

Ruto is therefore guaranteed at least 70% of Mt Kenya vote, unless President Uhuru Kenyatta is on the ballot.

If Uhuru is not on the ballot, it does not matter who he will support and campaign for president. Whoever that person is, whether it is Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, or even Governors Mutua or Kibwana, Ruto will get 70%+ Mt Kenya vote, plus 90%+ in Rift Valley.

That will be like 40% of the national vote. He would only need 30% in Western Counties, plus a few votes in the rest of Kenya, and he will have more than 50% of the National vote – regardless of who his main opponent is, unless that person is Uhuru.

If it is Uhuru Vs Ruto, then Uhuru will get 90%+ in Mt Kenya region. With his allies bringing in significant votes from their regions, Uhuru-led coalition would win first round by more than 60% of the vote.


1. Uhuru being on the ballot, he denies Ruto the much-needed Mt Kenya vote.

How is this possible, yet when Uhuru supports another candidate, that candidate does not get the Mt Kenya vote? Because the propaganda that has been spread in Central Kenya by The-People-Who-Control-The-Internet-Globally did not consider Uhuru running for a third term.

For instance, when Uhuru and Raila had their famous handshake, they both said they want to help Kenya have stability, so economy can thrive. This was after Ruto had rigged in many MPs who were only loyal to him, and were blackmailing the president.

But the propaganda spread in Mt Kenya was that Uhuru had backstabbed Ruto, “who was loyal to him”…and Raila’s interest was only to get Uhuru’s support in 2022…

Reality is that Ruto was/is not loyal to Uhuru. In fact he has stolen so much public money – through the proxies he placed in various GoK Departments – that Kenyans had started noticing the economy was not doing as well as was expected. The-People-Who-Control-The-Internet-Globally spread propaganda that it was Uhuru’s “bad policies” that were causing economic problems, yet the economy was being sabotaged by Ruto.

Anyway, the propaganda that main aim of Uhuru handshake with Raila, was to support him instead of Ruto in 2022, would not work, when he – Uhuru – is on the ballot in 2022.

Furthermore, the propaganda spread in Mt Kenya that Raila “had bewitched” Uhuru, would not work, when Uhuru is on the ballot.

All leaders who are pro-BBI should support the amendment to allow a president have a maximum of 3 terms, to save Kenya.

2. In 2022, all corruption cartels, with their money and other resources, will be backing Ruto. Mombasa Port cartels, cartels in ministries…all will be supporting Ruto. LSK cartels, Judiciary cartels, anti-EACC cartels…all will be supporting Ruto.

“Civil Society” will be supporting Ruto.

Shadowy businessmen being hunted by KRA because they have been evading paying taxes for decades, will all be supporting Ruto.

Corrupt Church leaders will all be supporting Ruto.

And most importantly, The-Global-Powers-That-Be will be supporting Ruto.

3. Even if Ruto is barred from being a candidate on a technicality, his PROXY – the person who will stand in his place, and all his supporters will understand he is there representing Ruto – will still win 70%+ in Mt Kenya, and will win National Vote.

This is because Ruto represents a MOVEMENT – the Corruption Movement. And this movement is desperate to take power in 2022.

4. Approaching the elections, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp…Will be having more than 80% of “Kenyan” posts being Pro-Ruto (via BigTech rigging).

That is why it is only Uhuru who will defeat Ruto, and do so decisively – by denying him the much needed Mt Kenya vote.

Let us support BBI Constitution amendment allowing 3 terms for President, to save Kenya from collapsing.

Ruto Must Be Arrested And Charged With Corruption

To President Uhuru Kenyatta:

For Henry Rotich and Kamau Thugge to engage in such sophisticated corruption, as was the Arror and Kimwarer dams theft, without the international media reporting about it, they must have had help from the International Bankers. They also must have had assurances from the Deputy President, William Ruto, that he will protect them.

Consequently, most of the stolen Sh 19.7 Billion must have been “kicked up” to your deputy (like it used to be done in the Mafia, money being kicked up one level at a time till it reached the don). Therefore, Ruto is the Kenyan don.

Mr President, have you noticed how quiet the civil society is over this matter? Because their financiers – the International Bankers – have not given them the green light to condemn the Arror-Kimwarer heist.

It is very likely that the DCI and DPP have evidence that some of the stolen money went to the DP. If that is the case, then Ruto should be arrested immediately and charged with corruption.

Mr President, your DP wants your job. Now. Not in 2022. That is why he has been sabotaging your government from within. Not too long ago, he advised maize farmers – whose payments had been stolen by NCPB officials – to plant other crops.

Do you know how those farmers view your government? As corrupt, uncaring, maybe even sadist.

It is very likely that Arror-Kimwarer is not the only successful looting Rotich and Thugge have engaged in, on behalf of Ruto. Maybe they have already stolen 100 Billion or more from Kenyan taxpayers in the past 6 years.

What is known is that the DP has bribed many MPs and turned them against you. He also rigged in MPs, Senators, Governors and MCAs during Jubilee Party nominations – People whose loyalty now is to him only.

In Central Kenya, there are many pro-Ruto politicians (the tanga tanga). All of them say their loyalty is to Ruto and Uhuru. They don’t support Uhuru directly, because their loyalty is to the DP, who rigged them in during party nominations.

From their social media and public pronouncements, it is clear that the tanga tanga don’t like you. Yet, none of these Central Kenya politicians has ever told his constituents that he is anti-Uhuru. Why? Because they know the voters would demand they resign their seats and seek fresh mandate from the electorate.

The Central Kenya tanga tanga know that none of them would be voted in if they opposed you directly.

Therefore, the DP is not as strong as he thinks. If he has stolen public money, as seems likely, arrest him, and let the law take its cause.

If that happened, that would be the day corruption in Kenya would become history. Every potential corrupt Kenyan would ask himself, before engaging in corruption: “If a whole DP is cooling porridge in Kamiti, who am I to take chances with corruption?”

The average Kenyan is not a fool. He/she has seen how the DP throws money around every weekend, and knows that money must have been obtained corruptly. How can Kenyans stop engaging in corruption when they know the country’s no. 2 is morbidly corrupt?

If someone can steal so much when he is the DP, what would happen if he became the president?

The International Bankers want him to become president now. They know with him in power, they will need to only be sending his cut to his bank accounts, and they will be allowed to rape the country to their satisfaction.

The International Bankers are also motivated by the fact that they don’t like an African country to become successful. That is why they want a thief in power in Kenya.

Only you Mr President has the power to save this country from being destroyed by your greedy deputy, and his neocolonialist allies.