Intrigues at Galana-Kulalu project

The Galana-Kulalu irrigation project was meant to reduce Kenya’s over-reliance on rain-fed agriculture.

More than 1 year after the National Irrigation Board (NIB) took over the management of Galana-Kulalu project, Israeli ambassador in Kenya Mr Oded Joseph is still lobbying for his country to be allowed to run the project.


Mr Joseph has lobbied politicians, civil servants – including directors of Kenya’s Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) – to be allowed to manage Galana-Kulalu project.

NOTE: Both NIB & ADC are parastatals/departments under the ministry of Agriculture.

Therefore, Mr Joseph is fighting Kenya’s cabinet, since the cabinet okayed NIB to manage Galana-Kulalu project. Fighting Kenya cabinet is fighting the state of Kenya.

Looking at the Twitter account of a certain ADC director, one would think he is a lobbyist for Mr Joseph. It is obvious from his social media posts that he is completely compromised by Mr Joseph, even going to the extent of contradicting his own boss, as he pushes Israeli interests.

Therefore, Israeli ambassador to Kenya Mr Oded Joseph has been authorised by his bosses in Tel Aviv to use bribery if necessary as he lobbies for his country to take over Galana-Kulalu project.

Obviously, this is not about maize.

The Italian ‘aid worker’ Silvia Romano was kidnapped right next to Galana Kulalu. Any connection?

If it were not for sabotage, this project would be complete by now, supplying Kenya with millions of bags of maize per year.

GoK should continue supporting the Galana-Kulalu project, because it is not only about food security. Its location, and the fact that foreign actors are obsessed with the project, makes it a National Security matter.

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