The Plan to Colonise Kenya Through the Backdoor

Farouk Kibet was sent to Kenya on a mission to:

(a) Create a successful criminal underworld in Nairobi; and
(b) Use the underworld connections to create a parallel government in Kenya.

They would protect the underworld and support the parallel government with logistics, money and any other resources needed, until the parallel government became powerful enough to take over the government.

foreign agents Kenya

All went as planned. Farouk created a successful, shadowy underworld in Nairobi, known by the public as Kilimani Cartels.

Many members of the cartel have gone on to occupy important political positions.

However, just before the ultimate mission – the takeover of the government – could succeed, Farouk Kibet was outed as a foreign spy.

Farouk needs to create a major distraction, fast.

He asked his protégés – MPs Johanna Ng’eno and Oscar Sudi – to quickly plan a repeat of 2007/2008 ethnic violence.

So far, the 2007/2008 repeat is not working.

What will Farouk Kibet do next?

Order a high profile assassination?

Farouk Kibet’s Family

1. Question: How can Farouk Kibet be foreign-born, and a spy, yet his late father Paul Teigut was a Kenyan? Mzee Teigut was a real person. He died recently, and his funeral was attended by who-is-who among Kenya political elite, including the Deputy President William Ruto.

Answer: Only 2 people ever saw Farouk Kibet anywhere in Kenya, when he was less than 20 years old – Farouk himself, and Mzee Teigut (may he RIP).

2. Why would a company that is worth $1 trillion block websites that say Farouk Kibet is not who he says he is? Why would a company that is many times richer than Kenya be so concerned about the son of a Kenyan peasant?

3. People around DP Ruto state openly that Farouk Kibet is the person closest to Ruto, outside of Ruto’s family. Farouk is the person who stands between Ruto and the rest of the world.

Therefore, if Farouk told Ruto: “Kirgit, 5 senior police officers met yesterday at Serena hotel to plan your assassination…” Ruto would believe it 100%.

No wonder, not too long ago, DP Ruto cried, saying that some people had hatched a plan to kill him. He said that he had “left the matter to God”.

It is very likely that Farouk Kibet laughed his head off that night.

(a) Farouk Kibet was not born in Kenya (not impossible for a Mossad agent to be born in Kenya, but you get my point);

(b) His birth certificate is fake. Therefore, his Kenyan ID and passport are also fake.

(c) Since, obviously, Farouk does not have a visa allowing him to be in Kenya, he is living in Kenya illegally.

If Mossad managed to embed their agent to such a high profile person – the Deputy President of Kenya, William Ruto – then, naturally, they have made sure there are other Mossad agents around the DP to give him – Farouk – support.

(Note: Farouk was embedded to Ruto almost 20 years ago, long before the latter became DP)

It is safe to assume that Farouk has managed to have between 10-20 other Mossad agents embedded into “Team Ruto”, some working in his homes, offices etc.

It is also safe to assume that, all information Ruto receives, and all information he sends, passes through Mossad. No wonder Kenya politics has been so chaotic for so many years now.

Pro-Ruto bloggers are fend secret GoK information by Mossad – that is MANIPULATED to fit Mossad agenda – though they (bloggers) most likely believe the information they receive is from Ruto supporters working in government.

No wonder Pro-Ruto bloggers are always so restless and unsettled. That is a common Mossad tactic – to keep the people they are manipulating busy always, so that they don’t pause to think, and ask themselves, “wait a minute, could someone be manipulating me?”

farouk teigut kibet
Farouk Kibet

Oscar Sudi

The shots fired from Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi’s home recently, apparently by the Deputy President’s escort unit were definitely meant to act as the signal for youth that had been mobilised around the home to attack the police.

The police would naturally have defended themselves, and a massacre would have ensued. This would have ignited large scale ethnic conflict, that would have spread beyond Uasin Gishu county.

That was the evil plot. Luckily, it failed.

As long as there are foreign spies embedded into DP Ruto – and he has no clue about it – these plots to destabilise Kenya will continue.

Farouk Kibet – a foreign-born spy – has been top aide to Ruto for more than 10 years. How many other spies has he succeeded to embed into Ruto, such that Ruto is completely surrounded by foreign spies?

And these spies are under strict orders to use their access to the DP to destabilise Kenya (without the DPs knowledge).

oscar sudi

NOTE: If DP Ruto wants to go somewhere, it is his aides who pass the message to the drivers and bodyguards. When the aide is a foreign spy…

It is very likely that it is one of the foreign spies embedded into Ruto who sent the DP official bodyguards to MP Sudi’s home. Very dangerous situation.

Oscar Sudi was a struggling matatu tout in Eldoret, before he met Farouk Kibet. With limited education, the best he could have hoped to achieve in life was to become a bus driver, or maybe own a matatu.

After meeting Farouk Kibet, Sudi’s life changed completely. Farouk took Sudi’s hand and guided him to become a multimillionaire and an MP.

How could Sudi imagine that the kind, friendly, but extremely secretive Farouk was helping him as part of a grand conspiracy for Farouk’s employers to eventually conquer and colonise Kenya?

Now, Farouk’s employers are demanding Sudi do them a big favour – start ethnic violence in Eldoret. Will Sudi do it?

NOTE: Foreign spy “Farouk Kibet” is the MASTERMIND behind the so-called Kilimani Cartels (Nairobi Underground).

His job has been to pick up select hungry, greedy people from across Kenya – eg Sudi, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, “businessman” Don Bosco Gichana & many others – introduce them to illegal schemes that make them millionaires overnight, and then use these compromised Kenyans to achieve their political agenda in the country.

Although Farouk’s employers have near-infinite money, and could make their Kenyan targets millionaires by funding them through legitimate businesses, they would never do that, because they need their targets to have dirt, plenty of dirt, for blackmail purposes, anytime they try to fall out of line.

“Private Detective”

The image below shows a person identified by the police as a very dangerous criminal, and the same person hobnobbing with the Deputy President William Ruto, at the latter’s official residence, less than 1 year later.

When the self-described “private detective” was declared wanted by the DCI, she behaved in a very strange manner, and made many Kenyans become curious about her. I have never seen any other person behave as strangely as she did, after being declared wanted by the police.

kilimani cartels

She completely refused to cooperate with the police, and went as far as to contact Human Rights organisations, claiming her life was in danger.

Finally, she hired the most shadowy lawyer in Kenya, went to court…I suppose the matter is dragging in court.

This is what I believe happened: DP William Ruto’s aide, “Farouk Kibet”, used this “private detective” to run dirty errands for him. She did Farouk’s illegal jobs, believing she was doing it for GoK.

Hence her confusion when she was declared WANTED by DCI for the criminal activities she did for Farouk.

It is Farouk and his associates (also foreign spies embedded into Ruto), who pressured her to behave the way she did, else, their cover would have been blown.

How many other “private detectives” has Farouk and associates incorporated into their anti-Kenya activities? How many ordinary Kenyan citizens are working for Farouk and associates at this very moment, believing they are working for GoK?

About the “private detective” meeting DP Ruto recently: I believe Farouk & associates organised the meeting. It is a common Mossad tactic, where they have to reassure clueless people they use in their schemes that all is well.

Technically, Farouk & associates are running a parallel government in Kenya. Being an aide to the Deputy President has enabled him to create a very functional parallel government, because he can also provide police cars, VIP police guards, take people to protected government facilities…to convince anyone doubting about their credentials that they are working for the government.

Time Not on Kenya’s Side

Ordinarily, when a country is found spying on another country, they automatically stop the activity. In this case, it is not even spying, it is sabotage of Kenya. And the country responsible has refused to stop, even after being found out.

Extra-Ordinary Tactics

The fact that there are Mossad agents living in Kenya, with Kenyan names and all, is not in dispute. The dispute is, how many are they? 20? 100?

After studying the behaviour of the Mossad-Kenyans above, and their clueless Kenyan allies, I now believe that their number is most likely between 500-1000. Yes, that is how many they appear to be.

The reason for the above number is this: Recent events in Kenya have proved that Israel had long decided that conquering and colonising Kenya was a top priority for their country. According to this policy, Kenya had to be colonised, using any means necessary.

Therefore, if they needed to train 1000 Israelis and send them to Kenya (where they would present themselves as Kenyan-born natives), so be it.


Contrary to what 99.99% of Kenyans think, TangaTanga is not a Ruto project. It is a Mossad project. In fact, privately, DP Ruto is ordered around by his supposed assistant, Farouk Kibet.

NOTE: Ruto’s TangaTanga spends hundreds of millions of shillings weekly. This has been going on for years. Yet, this movement of money has remained a secret all this time.

How is this possible?

This is what I think has been happening: Mossad has several hundred Mossad-Kenyans spread around the country, acting just like any other Kenyans.

Who would ever suspect that the man who owns a pub in Amalemba, Kakamega county and speaks the local language is a Mossad-Kenyan?

Who would ever suspect that the man who rides a nduthi in Riakanau, Embu county and speaks the local language is a Mossad-Kenyan?

It is this Mossad-Kenyans who are used to move the money.

And because these Mossad-Kenyans have access to real-time information – thru’ back-doors in phones/apps/computers – about the behaviour/opinions/gossip regarding their grassroots Kenyan-TangaTanga contacts, there is no way they can be betrayed by these clueless Kenyans.

Example: Suppose youth from Ihururu are being organised to boost a TangaTanga event in Nyeri town. Their local “chairman”/“coordinator” or whatever they call themselves, might receive a call to meet someone in a particular Nyeri hotel.

He goes there, and is called aside by a waiter. The waiter informs him that he had been told to tell him A, B, C. He then hands the Ihururu TangaTanga youth “chairman”/“coordinator” an envelope with cash to distribute to 100 youth, so they can attend the Nyeri town meeting, with a promise that the rest of the money would be paid later, upon the youth doing as told.

How can anyone follow this kind of money trail? Even the Ihururu TangaTanga youth “chairman”/“coordinator” doesn’t know where the money came from. He probably believes it must have come from TangaTanga headquarters.

Anyway, he is not going to stress about that.

Also, local TangaTanga politicians – MPs, MCAs – only know about the money they themselves distributed. They don’t know about who funded these extra youth groups…but they cannot complain about having extra support.

Most likely, TangaTanga politicians – Senators, MPs, MCAs – believe that the extra support they receive must be from local businessmen who wish to remain anonymous.

Online Support

Same situation is repeated on social media. On average, TangaTanga politicians, bloggers/“influencers” receive a lot of support on social media.

TangaTanga believe the support they receive on social media is from genuine Kenyans who support whatever they stand for. However, reality is that at least 90% of that support comes from fake “Kenyans” and bots powered by Mossad.

This does not mean this Mossad-powered online support for Ruto is not beneficial to him. It helps Ruto a lot. It creates the impression that most Kenyans love him. This is very helpful in terms of enticing undecided voters.

Shadow Banning

If you know what “they” are doing in Kenya, and they discover that you know, then they immediately shadow ban you on social media. They also direct search engines to also shadow ban your websites.

Note: Since no Kenyan who knows what “they” are doing in Kenya can support TangaTanga, then all shadow banned Kenyans are people who would have played some role in exposing the TangaTanga-Mossad scam. If they had not been shadow banned.

No wonder TangaTanga appears to be so popular.

Several months ago, I saw posts on Twitter by a Kenyan who appeared to know what is going on. I assumed he was Kenyan because he had a Kenyan name, and also was tweeting about Kenya.

I became interested in what he was talking about, and decided to look closely at his account. I soon discovered that every link on his timeline, every video, every image…they were all hidden from view.

Normally, when an attachment on Twitter is hidden, there is an option to click some button and watch, if you did not mind the warnings.

However, on this particular Kenyan timeline, there was no such option. And this block of attachments did not affect 2 or 3 images/videos/links. ALL images/videos/links were completely BLOCKED by Twitter – hidden from public view.

This was the first time I had ever seen something like that.

Looking at his tweets, there was nothing vulgar, illegal, hateful, incitefull…all the reasons one would expect his images/videos/links to be blocked.

In any case, his tweets showed that he was woke – i.e. understood what was REALLY going in Kenya.

I wanted to know more about this woke Kenyan. But there was no way of finding anything about him, since everything that could indicate more about him e.g. link to blog was hidden from view.

Anyway, I decided to check his Twitter handle after a few days, maybe he could have been unblocked. However, when I checked his Twitter account next, he had been completely banned! Gone.

I wondered, how many other Kenyans have been shadow banned or even kicked completely out of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…

Someone might ask: “If these Kenyans who are shadow banned or even kicked completely out of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. had something important to say, we would have heard about it, somehow.”

But look critically at that statement. How would you have heard about them/what they had to say? Do you think there is any media in Kenya (or anywhere else in the world) that would dare to interview Kenyans who have been kicked off Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…(unless their problem was because of engaging in vulgar, illegal, hateful, incitefull conduct and claiming they were framed, or have changed)?

Media companies cannot take the risk of interviewing Kenyans who know what is going on. And they cannot be blamed for that.


Kenya is under attack by a foreign power. And this attack will not stop until either:

(a) the foreign power wins and colonises Kenya through the back door, or

(b) Kenyans get to know that they are under attack by a foreign power, and defend their country.

The choice is upon Kenyans to make. But how can Kenyans make a choice when they don’t even know the country is under attack?

Consider the following: Suppose I wanted to get a genuine, honest answer to the following question – Is there a web hosting company in Kenya that is completely owned by indigenous Kenyan(s), and these owner(s) do not have any external/foreign entanglements?

Let me explain by an example what I mean by external/foreign entanglements: If you are a web hosting company in Kenya, and your domain is not issued in Kenya (eg, then you definitely have external/foreign entanglements.

As things stand, I don’t know of any way I can get a genuine answer to the question above. If I ask it on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, well-ranked “Kenyan forums” etc. then the answer I will get will be of “Kenyans” or pseudo-Kenyans owning such companies.

If there is indeed such a company in Kenya, then the controllers/owners/algorithms of the platforms/websites above will make sure either the answers are so confusing that you cannot separate the wheat from the chaff, or nobody recommends the right company.

In short, we do not have a platform to freely discuss these tech issues. Yes, I know there are many Kenyan websites that discuss tech issues, but NONE would discuss what I am talking about, in such a manner that it would be helpful.

I know there are some patriotic Kenyan bloggers. There are some who might know what is going on, but they cannot talk about it for personal/family reasons. Very understandable.

You cannot talk about the things I am talking about, unless you consider your personal security first.

How then can a forum be created that will allow discussion of the issues addressed here, if even finding about the right web host is not possible?

Getting a hosting company run by a patriotic Kenyan is necessary, since any other hosting company will be sabotaging the forum from the back-end, or will allow “them” (after they exert pressure) to have access to the files, so they can sabotage the forum.

“They” could even use the back-end access to upload illegal files to the forum, then report the forum owners to the authorities.

Technically, I can do the web hosting myself. However, it is CRUCIAL that the forum that will allow many people to discuss what “they” do not want known about Kenya, MUST be hosted in Kenya. No way self-hosting can work effectively if done outside Kenya, when the target audience is in Kenya. Too much opportunity for them to sabotage the data enroute to recipients.

Unfortunately, I am currently living outside Kenya, for security reasons.

I have been sentenced to death by Mossad, for knowing about what they are doing in Kenya.

The only reason I am alive is because Mossad wants to kill me in such a manner that all evidence points to some other entity. And I have denied them that chance.

Ironically, I am only able to write whatever I want because, once you are sentenced to death, then there is nothing else to fear. The only reason I require armed security is because if I am not offered good security, Mossad would very easily kill me and frame an innocent person for the murder.

I have vowed never to let them get away with it. If they do it, then the least I will have done is to make sure that it is known Mossad did it.

NOTE: It does not mean that I cannot be safe in Kenya. But, just imagine me, an ordinary Kenyan, requesting GoK to provide me 20 Recce bodyguards…How would it look?

Yet, that is what I would need, since the Mossad-Kenyans roaming around the country would be hunting me to eliminate me, and frame an innocent Kenyan for the murder.

NB: Get PDF of this article here

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